Let’s be all honest here, this pandemic is a huge hit to our mind, body, soul and livelihoods. And I totally get that because being a content creator aside, as a student – it has taken a huge toll. The sudden acceleration and adapting to the whole online class, threw me out of whack every single day. But I had friends, stories I have heard from that said and shared their struggle to obtain a machine to learn because of its price tag or the lack of stock. ASUS Malaysia decided to bring the perfect laptop for kids and even teachers to teach and if you want to experience it: here’s a pilot program where you can register, try their new ASUS BR1100F.

6 Key Pillars of the ASUS BR1100F

ASUS BR1100F captures 6 key important feature to make Learning from Home a better experience in every way possible. In fact, getting features that’s primarily found in premium laptop in such price is a deal breaker too.

Military Grade Reliability

If you are worried about laptops breaking after a drop, well you don’t have to with this one as it gets the Military Grade Reliability. So, this laptop is ready to take some knows, bumps, and drops right after you unbox it.

All-rounded Rubber Bumper

Rubber bumper on all four exterior edges and corners help with reduction of physical shock impacts to ensure the sensitive and critical components in the laptop are safe.

Spill-resistant Keyboard

Having breakfast while you are learning or when you are teaching, and accidentally spilled your cup of Milo or tea or coffee. Fret not, the keyboard is spill resistant. Not that I am saying you should spill some on purpose but hey you can if you wanted to.

AI Noise Cancelling

The crucial part of an online based learning is having a good microphone – so that when a teacher asks their students some questions, it’s a lot audible to their students or if a student is trying to answer and the teacher needs to hear it. The AI Noise Cancelling Microphone does not only cancel the noise around the user but it also captures the speakers voice better.

Noise Reduction Camera

At times, writing and showing what’s going on with a math problem or even showing teachers the homework, a student has done is important – because seeing is believing. The laptop has a noise reduction camera that works well under low light and students can see you and what you write.

Webcam Privacy Shield

In today’s world, privacy matters. The webcam features a privacy shield to protect your identity from online and especially with kids, its important too.

On top of this, the laptop has more features like 2-in-1 capabilities, a touch screen and so much more.

Trial and Demo Session

Are you intrigued by the laptop, well – you can take the ASUS BR1100F for a test run through their Trial and Demo Session – and it can be for Parents, Guardians or even School Managements too. All, you have to do is to go to this link: https://woobox.com/ixcehu – and register to experience it. If you want to learn more about the laptop, click here to do so.