• Good 280Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response
  • Sufficient Inputs for Visual Output
  • G-SYNC Certified and ELMB-SYNC does work
  • The Stand is super versatile and awesome to use
  • Justifiable Price tag


  • 2K panel would have been nice
  • Lacks USB Ports for quick connectivity

There is an increased demand for monitors lately because – well, let’s face it, working and content consumption has been pretty great on a bigger screen. This time, we are looking at a gaming monitor from ASUS, the ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor VG279QM – quite the monitor with overclockable Refresh rates and other features to go along with the monitor to have – not just a good user experience but a gaming experience.

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Good Design and Practical

It’s just unfortunate when most of the gaming monitors have robust, overly done stands that takes up too much of the space and has very minimal versatility. Good thing, the TUF Gaming hits the right note with good design, that isn’t distracting – on the front with super thin bezels that looks amazing and forgettable when you are watching movies and gaming.


The Stand on this monitor deserves every attention as it’s an ergonomic stand – that means, you can tilt it up, down, left and right, adjust the height and finally be able to use the display in the portrait orientation. This is the kind of versatility we need in a gaming monitor as it caters every kind of gamers. So, if you plan to run those rhythm games that takes advantage of the portrait orientation, you can totally do that.

Color accuracy wise

A good panel is key to a better viewing experience. ASUS went for a 27” FHD IPS panel on this one. Although I do wish it was a QHD panel as it offers better overall experience with dense pixel and since its becoming “the-1080p-of-tomorrow”, that would have been nice. But having a FHD display isn’t entirely a bad thing to be honest because most GPUs in the market, especially entry level ones would be able to run 1080p without breaking a sweat, so if you do think about it – the VG279QM does cater for everyone.

The certification for DisplayHDR 400 is a nice touch and kind of a hint that this monitor has better color support – that means, you could take this monitor for some editing ride. Although, its worth noting that you don’t need that rating to edit as IPS panels generally are rated at better color accuracy as compared to a VA or TN panel. Plus, ASUS panels are pretty good – given that, these are the same manufacturers that makes the highly sought after ProArt Monitors. It does have the HDR feature for balancing out the darker areas with proper light but somehow, HDR on every DisplayHDR 400 monitors we have tried so far has hit a snag with its too saturated colors.

Gaming Experience Wise

Now as I mentioned earlier in the review, this monitor has a whopping 280Hz Refresh Rate. But by default, it runs 240Hz when you hook it up to your GPU and you’ll have to toggle the Overdrive mode to get it to 280Hz. Now, I am the kind of person who thinks 144Hz is more than enough for most games but that really isnt the case for users who heavily depend on games like FPS – where higher refresh rate is absolutely crucial for hand-to-eye coordination. Which is why, if you primary choice of games revolve around FPS, then you will appreciate the higher refresh rate. As for the other users, well, its still a very good monitor to use for that buttery smooth refresh in games.

The monitor is NVIDIA G-SYNC Certified, so you Team Green GPU users know what’s up. Wave bye to those screen tearing and hello to those super smooth cinematic story transitions. It comes with extra features which is proprietary to ASUS such as ELMB Sync which eliminates the low motion blur in games and Shadow Boost to boost the dark areas in games to see things so that you don’t miss out. Unlike ELMB only monitors where you will have to resort to choosing either G-SYNC or ELMB, the VG279 works with both ELMB and G-Sync turned on at the same time. They work very well honestly, and its something you have to see to believe.

Wished it had Connectivity via USB

Finally, the only gripe I have with this monitor is the lack of USB ports on it for easy connectivity. The thing about having extra USB ports on the monitor, gives the opportunity to user to not reach behind the PC every time and the quick access gives a much better user experience. Unfortunately, its one thing I wish it had but it doesn’t. If ASUS does refresh this model down the line, this is something I’d love to see get added on.


The ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM we see here, hits a lot of good spots for a gaming monitor, well, let alone for a good monitor for anything really. Spending RM 1499 can be a bit of a tough pill to swallow for this one, but we did a simple comparison with other contenders in the market to see what they offer at this price tag and for the most part: this is the only monitor at this size to have G-SYNC and be priced at RM 1500. So, technically this is the sweet benchmark of a monitor in that price range and we can totally recommend it.

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The ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM gets a Silver Award for being a Good RM1500 Monitor with the right bells and whistles for gamers and any users looking in that price range.

Special thanks to ASUS Malaysia for gracing us with this review sample for making this content happen.