EZVIZ has just released an all-new wire-free BC1 outdoor camera that delivers a steady performance of a single battery charge that lasts up to a full year. The BC1 camera features 1080p video quality, colour night vision, two-way communication, and active defence.

EZVIZ’s new BC1 security camera is here in Malaysia

The BC1 camera excels in battery life because of its 12,900mAh rechargeable battery, which allows customers more flexibility in terms of installation placement without the need for power outlets.

The base station supports the camera’s outstanding performance by ensuring a strong Wi-Fi connection over a long distance, extending the camera’s battery life.

Despite being battery-powered, the BC1 camera has all of the same functionality as its wired counterparts. It inherits the fundamental capabilities of EZVIZ’s outdoor camera series, including the ability to display rich and colourful imaging at night and two built-in lamps.

EZVIZ’s new security camera has a magnetic base, which allows customers more options for simple instals on external metal surfaces, as well as an IP66 rating, which protects it from dust and water that are typical in outdoor locations.

The camera, which has a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a person-shape detection algorithm, can differentiate human people from other moving objects. Only when the camera detects prospective invaders will it provide mobile warnings to users, as well as initiate active defence, which will automatically activate a loud alarm and flash its spotlights.

The detecting zones, active periods, and even a unique recorded auto-trigger warning can all be changed on the EZVIZ App to fit customers’ preferences. Alternatively, the voice recording feature can also be utilised to greet residents and visitors.

How much does EZVIZ’s BC1 security camera cost?

EZVIZ offers three different BC1 Camera Kits for those that want to expand their home security system. Customers can use a single base station to control up to three cameras.

Users can save recordings on a microSD card slot in the base station, which supports up to one 256GB memory card, or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for automated storing and unlimited cloud storage space.

  • Bundle Kit 1 (BC1 x 1 unit, Base Station x 1 unit) retails for RM549
  • Bundle Kit 2 (BC1 x 2 unit, Base Station x 1 unit) retails for RM879
  • Bundle Kit 2 (BC1 x 3 unit, Base Station x 1 unit) retails for RM1,229

The Security Camera Kits can be purchased at physical distributor stores across shopping malls nationwide, or online via EZVIZ’s official Shopee and Lazada e-stores.