Lenovo is expanding its Lenovo Go accessory lineup with the launch of a new sub-brand last month. The vast range of purpose-built PC accessories is designed to address typical productivity issues including multitasking across several devices, low battery concerns while on the go, and poor audio quality on conference calls.

Lenovo Go accessories are designed to inspire and empower users in a new hybrid working world by providing a one-stop-shop for input, power, and audio functionality, all of which contribute to increasing efficiency and the overall workspace experience.


The Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse, for example, was released last month and is ideal for multitasking users who constantly switch between devices. With the stroke of a button, you may easily switch between up to three devices.

The Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit is ideal for remote workers who frequently switch between home and office workplaces. It can wirelessly charge common 13-inch and 14-inch laptops using a unique Power-by-Contact (PbC) technology.

Simply connect the receiver base to a USB Type-C port on the laptop and put the mat into a 45 to 65-Watt charger. Many more hours are spent wearing headsets, which are often not appropriate for today’s unified communications platforms, as collaboration software solutions become more widely adopted.

The Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone frees your ears from the pressure of a headset while also providing flexibility and outstanding sound quality.

The speakerphone works with Microsoft Teams and contains two omnidirectional microphones for beamforming and far-field pickup to increase voice clarity. It’s ideal for a home office or huddle room.

Lenovo Go accessories enable users to achieve their full potential by removing technology hurdles to productivity. They offer a line of remote-first devices based on consumer feedback.

The sub-brand will offer a suite of accessories to confront the most common challenges of flexible working:

  • Power: Low battery anxiety is a widespread challenge highly mobile workers face every day. Lenovo Go’s power solutions tackle the concerns with a range of wired and wireless charging solutions.
    – The Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit joins the Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank, which was launched last month. The wireless charging kit eliminates the need to separate and reconnect a power cord, allowing for frequent mobility between the workstation and other areas. The package, which uses Energysquare‘s unique Power by Contact technology, can charge 13-inch and 14-inch notebooks up to 65W.
    – The Lenovo Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank rounds out the power lineup. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, customers may charge up to 30W of devices at once, one via wireless Qi and two via USB-C. The power bank reduces battery life concerns for highly mobile workers by reducing the need for several cords and providing power passthrough.
  • Input: Enabling dynamic work environments and offering ergonomic designs for maximum productivity, the Lenovo Go family is introducing new input devices essential for a variety of workspaces.
    – Four new input devices have been added to Lenovo’s Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse, which was launched last month. The Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Mouse offers essential point-and-click capability in a compact, portable package. With the precise blue optical sensor that can work on practically any surface, the rechargeable battery can last up to three months. Users have more control thanks to a programmable utility button and configurable DPI sensitivity.
    – Extensive use can be a huge pain for many remote employees who are glued to their computers for prolonged periods of time. The Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse has an optimal angle and curvature, as well as a natural “handshake” position that relieves wrist and forearm strain. It’s made of a soft UV-coated cork substance that’s also easy to wipe clean. With up to 2400 dots per inch (DPI) and six programmable buttons for personalization, the optical mouse may be remotely connected and boasts accurate pointing accuracy.
    – The Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard is designed with comparable human-inspired designs and has ultra-responsive tactile key sensation, vertical tenting for more natural typing, and a negative tilt to alleviate wrist stress. The keyboard, like the Ergonomic Mouse, has a UV-coated cork substance palm rest.
    – Also available is the Lenovo Go Wireless Numeric Keypad, which is very portable, wirelessly connected, and rechargeable, making it ideal for number crunchers and spreadsheet wizards.
  • Audio:
    – The Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone, which works with Microsoft Teams, frees ears from wearing a headset for lengthy periods of time, but open office environments, public places, and juggling family and work-life at home are not conducive to speakers. Lenovo Go offers a variety of headset and headphone options to fulfil a variety of audio requirements for conference and video conferencing.
    – In two different configurations, the Lenovo Go Wired ANC Headset and Wireless ANC Headset give the same amazing on-ear audio experience. One is connected and uses USB Type-C or Type-A, while the other is wireless and uses dual Bluetooth connectivity to link two devices at the same time. It can also be linked to a computer through USB Type-C and charged at the same time. Both headsets are compatible with Microsoft Teams and provide advanced active noise suppression as well as a software-customizable audio experience.
    – The Lenovo Go ANC In-ear Headphones deliver the same high-quality active noise cancelling audio experience in a highly portable in-ear form, with the added benefit of being able to switch to an ambient “talk-through” mode with the press of a button. The in-ear headphones are designed to work with any USB Type-C device and contain in-line controls for easy control of music and calls, as well as three sizes of silicone ear tips for the optimal fit.

Managing individual settings can be time-consuming, especially if it necessitates the use of multiple applications to modify certain criteria.

Lenovo Go Central software allows customers to organise and control compatible accessories all in one place. The easy interface makes it simple to adjust mouse settings or manage audio presets for headphones.

Travelling large distances, or even just between home and work, may be a frustrating experience if you don’t have the right gear.

Scratched displays, torn wires, and damaged buttons can result from cramming a smartphone, headphone, mouse, and power bank into a carry case alongside a laptop.

The Lenovo Go Tech Equipment Organizer’s streamlined design secures important accessories with compression-moulded sections and splash-proof zippers.


The organiser offers sections for a mouse, power bank, earbuds, and power cord, as well as space for a smartphone and pens, so everything is in one place.

Lenovo Go accessory lineup price and availability

  • Input:
    – Wireless Multi-Device Mouse retails for €49. Expected to be available starting July 2021
    – USB-C Wireless Mouse retails for €36.  Expected to be available starting July 2021
  • – Wireless Vertical Mouse retails for €49. Expected to be available starting Aug 2021
    – Wireless Split Keyboard retails for €89. Expected to be available starting Oct 2021
    – Wireless Numeric Keypad retails for €49. Expected to be available starting Oct 2021
  • Power:
    – USB-C Laptop Power Bank (20,000 mAh) retails for €80. Expected to be available starting July 2021
    – Wireless Mobile Power Bank (10,000 mAh) retails for €69. Expected to be available starting Jan 2022
    – Wireless Charging Kit retails for €139. Expected to be available starting Oct 2021
  • Audio:
    – Wired ANC Headset retails for €99. Expected to be available starting Nov 2021
  • – Wireless ANC Headset retails for €159. Expected to be available starting Nov 2021
    – ANC In-ear Headphones retails for €79. Expected to be available starting Nov 2021
  • – Wired Speakerphone retails for €99. Expected to be available starting Oct 2021
  • – Tech Accessories Organizer retails for €45. Expected to be available starting Sep 2021

For more information, head over to the Lenovo official website here.