Budget smartphones are supposed to bring a good value for money or justification on why exactly it cost that much – and usually brands releasing products that releases based on the latter reasoning I mentioned, do not release a contradicting product… Spoke too soon? 😶

Well, that’s the case with the Oppo A74. Before we talk about it, the last time we tried an Oppo phone, it was the Find X2 Pro and we loved it – the brands direction with the flagship got a lot clear and it really does look like they know what they are doing. But the same brand refuses to put that same concept into the mid-tier. How so?

Now we can talk about the Oppo A74 5G.😏

The Good Thing

Okay, now the Oppo A74 5G is not entirely a bad phone but it isn’t a good one either. But there are some nice things about the phone that I personally think deserves the attention.

A Very Premium Mid-Tier

The A74 5G is without a doubt – one beautiful premium looking mid-tier smartphone. It really doesn’t look cheap and most certainly doesn’t feel like one either – with the metal rails and a nice weight to it with a frosted back that just looks simply pleasing to the eye. We got it in this Silver Colorway – so you know, the reminiscent of the Sony Xperia Z series with that silver frosted finish came to mind and I just love it. With so many budget phones feeling “cheap”, this is a nice change really – and one I personally liked.

2 Good Cameras

Yes, the phone does have a Quad camera setup, but we are not going to consider – the Macro and Mono camera with 2MP sensors as proper camera. But the 48MP Main Camera with f/1.7, an 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera with f/2.2 – they are a decent camera honestly. While at night it has its fair share of challenges, as for the rest of the time – it took okay pictures.

Other Little Things

The phone does come with a 5000mAh battery in such a small form factor – so yay, to long lasting battery life and a 90Hz Display for that buttery smooth refresh rates which is a feature I can part with but its here. These are the other two things I could really say that’s actually nice about the phone. Now get ready – here’s the odd thing about the phone.

The Weird Thing: There’s a Oppo A74 with better spec than the 5G | Oppo A74 vs A74 5G

We have not dropped our content where we share our personal thoughts on 5G yet, so stay tuned – but the Oppo A74 5G we see here, comes in a non 5G variant that actually has a better specification in terms of practicality as compared to the 5G variant. Here’s the table where we compared with the A74 Non-5G.

Looking at the table above, you can see where the A74 and the A74 5G really stand. The thing about both of these phones is that – the distinctive difference between their product where the non-5G variant has a better processor that’s capable of better task whereas the 5G variant charges extra for a feature that’s nonexistent and some extra stuff that really isnt going to be something what consumer would need at this price – really brings up a huge red flag.

Why the Oppo A74 is better?

With the A74, not only you get a better processor, but the support for their proprietary SuperVOOC fast charging brings added value to the table for consumers for that swift charging experience in no time. In the camera department, it does miss out on the 8MP Ultra-Wide sensor but the 48MP is still a capable camera and for the most part, you’ll be happy. The 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage is plentiful for you to use – and you can add external storages to your phone. And not to forget, at RM 899, the Oppo A74 is a better buy than the A74 5G. Paying the extra RM 200 just because it has 5G, 90Hz Display and an extra 8MP camera – not a good idea.

Thing about 5G

As much as we know that 5G is going to be the next change that’s about to happen in the telecommunication industry, purchasing a 5G phone right now at that price isn’t a good idea – let alone, paying for a feature you can’t use is never a good idea. Its going to take a while for 5G infrastructure to even pan out in Malaysia, let alone the existing 4G infrastructure is not great with kids having to climb up trees to take their examinations. By the time 5G arrives, what if this phone you are using ends up being outdated, unusable – and you’d have to get a new phone?

Therefore we want you make the right decision to get the right phone and save the remaining money for yourself. That’s all we can say. In this case, if you do want to get one – go for the A74, don’t spend it on the A74 5G.

Thanks to Oppo Malaysia for sending the A74 5G for us to make this quick review happen. The pricing in this article are based on the official price as per Oppo Malaysia Official Store: Oppo A74 | Oppo A74 5G