SoCrwd, Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind programme, is a fully configurable avatar-based virtual world with unlimited possibilities in a setting designed to replicate life in the real world.

SoCrwd, as its name suggests, allows a social crowd to gather on a virtual platform developed specifically for public events to take place in a more creative manner, which is very important in these uncertain times.

What is SoCrwd?

SoCrwd is a virtual platform that gamifies the consumer experience by incorporating avatars, points, interactables, and sociables into a creative environment designed to promote a fun, engaging experience and a seamless transition from the offline to the online world.

SoCrwd envisions a virtual platform for customers to visit their favourite car dealerships, bank branches, property galleries, concept stores, exhibitions, concerts, bazaars, events, conferences, and more, bringing the best of the offline world to the comfort of your customers’ homes and thus reducing the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, SoCrwd allows businesses to hold marketing, branding, and business events while networking, sharing name cards, and corporate profiles remotely. It is ideal if it can be fully customised to meet the demands of companies and customers.

The app’s launch sees two well-known businesses in their field team together to bring the concept to reality.

Ad-Nology Labs, a branding and execution-based marketing business focused on the eternal generation, is best known for introducing Malaysia’s favourite pop-up market, Artbox, and Magnus Games Studio, a Malaysian indie game developer behind Re: Legend, Malaysia’s most crowdfunded game in 2017.

The app promotes “Cross-Reality” branding strategies, such as combining online and offline events where customers can play games on SoCrwd and receive rewards in the form of goodies from the brand offline, and vice versa.

the app is now available to both Android and iOS users in Malaysia whereby users can login and complete daily missions for coins, customise avatars, host public and private rooms for friends or a larger gathering, join public spaces to meet other people and explore new worlds.

Users will be able to experience other features in the next months, which will be released in stages. In the near future, SoCrwd will begin exploring neighbouring countries.