• 34" QHD Goodness
  • So many ports for easy connectivity
  • Pretty much an all-in-one monitor
  • Clean looking and fits into any kind of desk


  • The price is $$$
  • The speakers Could have been better

In the sea of monitors that one could choose from, there is an interesting category that exist for the niche market. To put it in Dell’s very on words: Conference Monitors. Thing is these monitors don’t come to one too many minds as it focuses on a completely different target demography. But it does have all the bells and whistles baked into it, whatever you name it – it’s got it. A speaker, 34” QHD Ultrawide display, more ports than an Ultrabook and a webcam baked right into it. Since it’s an all-in-one package, should you get this over everything else that exist?

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Dell’s Signature Design is on point


Dell’s product philosophy of keeping things clean from the way it looks, just works. If you are used to the whole product lineup they offer, then probably this isn’t going to be a surprise for you. Their “playing safe” design is modern enough to fit into any kind of setup. That said, this particular monitor is rock solid with its really nice design and thick build on the display itself. It is pretty heavy so when you do set it up, make sure to have some support or even have some cushions or pillow to not drop and break the display. The Monitor also comes with a simple yet robust stand that looks elegant and none of that extra contraption you’d see on a Gaming monitor. If you happen to use a Dell XPS or something, this monitor is going to look great on your desk.

Beautiful, no-frills Display

On the front, there’s a 34” Ultrawide QHD Display that stretches across the table. It is curved, so for those non-curved monitor fans (like me), it doesn’t tickle our taste. But none the less, it’s a pretty beautiful monitor to look at. As we all know Dell makes good monitors in the market and their Ultrasharp is no stranger to consumer. The Ultrawide display we see here is a genuinely nice display with IPS panel and has good viewing angles. Editing on this monitor is fun but given that its curved and adds that warp of sorts, it isn’t ideal for someone who does content creation, but you can try to do it.

Ports to Connect Everything


Their thoughtful design to port is one to be given credit for. Very few monitor brands take the initiative to give extra ports on the side which is quickly accessible – this monitor is one of them. On the bottom, we have three quick accessible ports – Headphone Combo Jack, USB-C and USB-A. Delightful selection. On the back, the monitor has more ports than you can imagine – 2x USB-A 3.0, Ethernet Port, USB-C Port (doubling as DisplayPort and power Delivery for laptop). So, when you are about to leave, it makes it easier to detach the laptop from one cable as compared to detaching too many from your laptop.

A Soundbar-like Speaker that’s just “eh”

On the front it has this cloth finished soundbar at the bottom which has 2x 5W speakers and they sound okay. Now since it is a conference monitor – don’t expect it to sound with some thumping bass and treble that you could jam some music. Instead, the speaker is tuned more focused towards voice, after all it is a conference monitor. Vocal sound good, and its loud enough for you to hear what the other person has to say.

Webcam with Windows Hello hiding on the top


The webcam hides in plain sight and its on top of the display beautifully. One press, and voila, it pops up. It also works with Windows Hello as it has IR sensor built right into it. The camera we find here houses a 5MP sensor with features like Auto Exposure control and a built-in microphone inside – so you don’t need a headphone to connect it. Another thing is that it does have some echo cancelling feature – for that crisp clear hearing. The camera works as it should and it does have some hiccups in maintaining the exposure well as it does overexpose at certain times – as for the microphone on the monitor, it does sound roomy – you can check out our video review to know more.


Given that we are stuck at home because of the pandemic and every single physical meet has transformed into a virtual meeting through Google Meets, Microsoft Teams – the demand for a better screen, webcam is on the rise. The Dell C34WE Conference Monitor answers a user’s need and checks off every tick on the list – but at a cost. A hefty one at that. This monitor cost RM 8,179 which is more money than one could spend on. Now does it make sense that this is a niche monitor?

If you are working in a company that’s willing to spend on good number of monitors, this Dell C34WE is an absolute unit and an asset to the company but it’s not one for a home setup – it’s only going to create buyer’s remorse to an individual in some way, it will for me really.

Special thanks to Dell Malaysia for providing us the Dell C34WE for us to review and make this content happen.