Say if you are one of those households, that prefer to take the cleaning in your own hands to make sure that it covers all the bases – well then, Roborock has the right product just for you. Coming from a brand that makes Robot Vacuum, comes a new vacuum that’s added to their portfolio – a Cordless Vacuum and that’s the Roborock H7.

Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum

By the looks of it you can tell it has a rather conventional design this industry has set for Cordless Vacuums, but Roborock has their own twist to the product: it houses a 480W Motor – TUV Rheinland Certified – that creates a 160AW of constant suction power, making it easier to suck the dirt and other debris you could find on the floor. But it does come with attachments where you can use to clean upholstery, beds and so on. While the motor does the sucking, there is also an air filtration system that has a 5-layer air filter which captures 99.99% of the particles, as small as 0.3 microns.

All that power comes packed in this rather thin and agile body construction which weighs about 1.46kg, that means its going to be pretty easy to clean in higher and harder to reach areas, not feel strained by the weight of the vacuum in anyway possible. You could either have all the dust collected into the container and dispense or use a Roborock Dust Bag which collects pretty much everything. It uses a trigger mechanism to control the vacuum suction, and on top there’s a display that allows you to monitor the time, mode, and a child lock from the kids triggering the vacuum.

Roborock engineered the H7 with a humongous LiPO battery which claims to last for 90 minutes after its first charge and with the Quick Recharging capability, it gets from zero to a hundo in just 2 and a half hours.

Pricing and Availability

The Roborock H7 is available right now, where you can pre-order for RM 3,399 through Roborock’s Shopee or Lazada Store. But you might want to hold on as there’s a Live Show happening on Facebook on the 18th of July, at 3-4pm where you can purchase it for just RM 1,388 – which in all honestly is a pretty crazy price to get it at. So, try not to miss it.