• Amazing Design that Fits into Pockets with no added Bulk
  • The Fit and Finish is great for all types of ears
  • Controls are nice and clicky
  • Sound wise they are pretty okay
  • Excellent Software support through and through
  • Soundscape is truly a great feature


  • ANC could be a lot better
  • More support for AptX and so on would have been amazing

Obviously, it’s no surprise that we get tons of headphones to review and give our final verdict all the time if the money you spend is well spent or not. I spend on audio gears a lot and its pretty crucial because music is everything to me – after every review frame, there’s always that one True Wireless Earbuds I go back to, the one that stays in my pocket all the time, the one that I love and that’s the Jabra Elite 75t and sure it was released in 2019 but its still my go-to.

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The Form factor is simply the best


Earlier I mentioned about the Elite 75t as “the one that stays in my pocket all the time” and I wasn’t kidding because the form factor is incredibly small and petite to hold and feel it in your hands. That matte texture around the casing is a nice touch to have and I got the cream color which in my opinion looks stellar. But if you want those other colors like Black, Teal and Bronze (another favorite of mine) – by all means, its nice to see earbuds come in various peppy color to suit ones personality.

The Hardware and Connectivity is Okay

Both the earpieces come with a 6mm driver and 4-microphone call technology to reduce the noise on the outgoing calls if you use them for calls – which we will show the sample later. Codec wise – it only covers two that is the SBC and AAC which is kind of a letdown on paper because it misses out on codecs like Qualcomm Apt X. All that fits in a case that holds battery from 24 to 28 hours depending on the mode you use it in – ANC or no ANC that is. Oh, and not to forget, it charges via USB-C – and you can get it to full charge slightly over 2 hours and fast charging within the case to get like an hour worth of listening in just 15 minutes of charging.

Personally, the Best Fit Ever

Okay, I have to say this because you know how earbuds all come in an odd shape and some just fall off your ears easier and some are just made to give that uncomfortable experience right outside the box * cough * galaxy Buds Live * cough *. But most of them, while they do have the in-ear concept right, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for everyone – but these Jabra Elite 75t is without a doubt, the best fit I have had from an true wireless earbuds without any extra weight. They did engineer it in a way to make sure it fits well giving a good seal and better placement of the eartip in the canal for good sound and isolation – it checked off every single thing on my box.

The EarGel ear tips are nice and comes in precise size, like for instance I have to go for the small all the time and in this case, the Elite 75t smalls were pretty spot on.

All about the App

Now thing about getting a good true wireless earbuds is how the software support is – and in this case, Jabra’s app Sound+ is easily in my top 3 favorite earphone manufacturer app made for phones. The moment you start up the app after you download it, and assuming you have paired it – the app will find for your headset, configures and moves to a page with features to set up – Personalized ANC to tweak it nice and right to have that even balance and good intensity between both the earbuds, so that you don’t feel that lightheadedness. Once you are done with that, you can setup MySound, to get a personalized sound setup where you’ll have to tap everytime you hear the sound to get a profile, it will then be mapped accordingly. Finally, you have the option to explore what the earbuds does, and then you will be sent to the app control panel – a place to switch between modes, tweak equalizer and a unique feature – SoundScape.

SoundScape is a Genius Feature

You know how white noise machines are great and it gives that sense of calmness when you’re working, sleeping or when you just want to feel safe. SoundScape does that by masking the sounds around you with various sounds like Pink, white Noise, Ventillation fan, Driving or with Sounds of Nature like Ocean Waves, Rainy Day, Songbirds and Comfort ambience sounds like Crowds or Caverns.

There are bunch of research online on how White Noise and ambient sounds in general helps you calm your nerves – there’s a system called mental chronometry to see how people react to different stimuli. In one study, they played a minute of sounds from woodland and to which the people hearing it felt 30% more relaxed, 25% less stressed and 20% less anxious – link. The ASMRs of nature or any kind of sound that gives that comfort to you is important to have and Jabra adding this to their app for their product is something I did not see it coming and a feature I do not want to let go.

My personal favorite is Crowd – I live vicariously through the sound pretending everything is normal. There are varieties to choose from so you know there’s a sound that one prefers better than the rest.

Now Audio Quality on this is…

It’s okay. Now my huge issue is how Jabra didn’t include other codecs with definitely misses out on the option to support codec like AptX from Qualcomm, you know its going to be a hit and miss with the earbuds.

We noticed the Elite 75t handles the highs very well – like very well as some earbuds tend to sound too sharp and pitchy, these sound right. The out-of-the-box Bass does ruin certain songs sound like you can tell some detail goes missing like in Break my Baby by KALEO, J.J’s vocal sounds like he took a backseat ride and those subtle nuances goes missing. The bass does mask a lot of details. When Roberta Flack said Killing me Softly, it wasn’t to kill her softly with bass. Therefore, having that app to control the EQ is a god send, so if you aren’t fan of that bass, tweak it via the app to get a toned-down sound profile. But dynamic wise, nice coverage.

Updating with a Passive Cancelling to Active Cancelling OTA

This is the first time where I witnessed a brand releasing OTA updates for a earbuds to have Active Noise Cancellation feature and the difference isn’t that obvious I’d say but nonetheless, the fact that they did make the feature available this way, only surprised me and caught me off guard.

So Why I Choose to Carry with me in my pockets?

Now I have said what I have to say, there’s a good reason as to why I carry these more often and its because of its petite form factor, an acceptable sound quality (after I tweak it to get right), IP55 ratings so I can bring it to gym without worrying about sweat affecting my earbuds unlike my WF-1000XM3. It covers every ground well and I am happy that it does that. On top of that, giving an app which is easy to use and updates that plays a huge role in giving users better experience over the time, only goes to show that every penny and dime I spent on this is well spent.


At RM 599 which is quite the amount of money – The Jabra 75t is a true wireless, well spent. But then again, if you look at the Codec Support, you’ll realize Apple users will have better experience. If SBC codec isn’t an issue, go for it. There is the Elite 85t which is the top of the line, but at that point, you are better off spending on something better like the WF-1000XM4s which is in the 1000 Ringgit mark or the Airpods Pro.