• Good AMOLED Display as always from Samsung
  • A Decent Performance, more like the high-end of a mid tier processor
  • Nice Build Finish and Surprisingly Premium
  • Has Headphone Jack and USB C Port, its thinner than the S21 Ultra


  • The Pricing could have been a little better
  • The Fingerprint sensor is too slow

Being a tech reviewer, myself does open up to perks that I really love, working with brands to try out a lot of products and be able to own the flagship device for myself. But not everyone has the opportunity to do that, neither did I, once upon a time ago. Because spending that much money on a smartphone is a pretty huge thing and I felt that with the Note8 I bought long time back – but mid-tier was where I could spend my money without any issue. And if I was not a tech reviewer, and was looking for a good mid-tier, my money is on this Samsung Galaxy A72 and here’s my 5 months long term review, courtesy to Samsung for making it happen.

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Bespoke Design that is Modern and Minimalistic


Material aside, one can make a product feel good entirely on the design and construction. The choice of material for the Galaxy A72 maybe polycarbonate, but they have designed it in a way that it has a nice matte texture to give a premium touch and nice feel in the hand, a camera bump that protrudes from the body in a tasteful manner and not to forget a solid construction with thin body. It’s well balanced and put together as compared to any other fast-released-mid-tiers we have seen from other brands that kind of has a hit and miss in the quality department. On the front the device is covered in a nice glass display with a protective film on top.

If you are worried about the phone getting splashes of water or any, well worry not – because the Galaxy A72 is certified for IP67 – a feature that was very much a part of the A series once upon a time and it went missing in action – but this time the A series gets back its ability to last or handle in wet situations.

By far one of the beautiful displays, I have seen on a Mid-tier

Another thing that was missing in action just like the IP rating is the excellent choice of display on their A series and this A Series lineup brought that back – featuring an FHD+ Super AMOLED Display that features 90Hz Display for that high refresh rate experience and brightness that hits up to 800 nits.

Now sure, if you are looking for that curves like the S or the Note Series features, it doesn’t have any, but the huge display is fairly nice to use and look at with those poppy colors to it. The bezel-lessness of the device totally takes time to get used to but once you do you will be fine. The camera cutout is in the middle, but that teardrop notch is gone for good, so you are getting a much immersive display overall. To be really honest, this display is a much better upgrade to what we have seen in the A series last year or the year before. Samsung is taking Eye Comfort seriously and offers a software feature that enables to lower the blue light.

Performance isn’t that shabby either, considering the Processor

Performance is definitely a concern here and while it may not be getting the best or top scores you’d see on those Synthetic Benchmarks; it sure does have a processor that’s much more powerful than a 600 series. The Galaxy A72 houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G coupled with 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage which is a lot than usual. This specification gets you close to, what I like to call the entry to a higher end experience flagships offer. Normally the 800 series are known for its top-notch performance and this 700 is the next best thing you can get.


If gaming is your thing, then the Galaxy A72 puts up a good show and that G in the naming scheme is to indicate that this processor handles Gaming features well. So, throw games like Genshin Impact at a reasonable setting, the phone handles it well. Personally, I prefer racing games even if I do play on smartphones and in that case, the phone knocks Asphalt and NFS: No Limits right out of the park. Now if gaming isnt your cup of tea, well, the phone handles day-to-day task just the way it should. Good response in multitasking, quick app opening and so on. Honestly, the performance is simply great for a person who doesn’t need anything more.

A good functional camera with proper sensors to shoot with

It’s safe to say this phone has good set of cameras not, because of its performance but hardware wise I mean: with proper Ultrawide, Telephoto and Normal Sensor. It does have a Depth Sensor. But I’ll take the fact that 3 out 4 sensors on the back are actually functioning cameras. Samsung should perhaps consider ditching the Depth because they proved a long while back with their 2-sensors-only Note 8 that they could create depth with the telephoto sensor.

The Ultrawide 12MP camera does have the warp like effect that you’d get on an Action camera. So, if you plan to get those perspective shots – the camera works beautifully well. It does lack details under lowlight and it’s the camera that takes the hit the most in quality. But for the most part, you can see that the exposure is balanced alright.

Moving to the 64MP Primary sensor, which I will be honest about, no one is going to use it at 64MP all the time, takes good pictures with good details, well exposed areas and balancing in colors. There isn’t anything like an abrupt color shift and it gets the right tone as you can see the streetlights, parking lights and so on. Finally, the 8MP Telephoto retains the similar quality as the Primary sensor with proper exposure but the details goes missing under lowlight. With some overexposure and sorts at certain area.

These cameras are great to shoot on bright light conditions but if you want to shoot during low light then just take it with a pinch of salt as it does take a slight hit then and there. But overall, right, the camera performs better than some affordable flagship under the 2000-ringgit mark.

Long lasting battery

The 5000mAh battery isn’t going to stop you from seizing the day as it does last the entire day as long as your use isn’t heavy because if it is then expected it to last till about 7pm, that is if you start your day at 6am like me. Even after that, say if you want to charge your phone as fast as possible, worry not because the A72 supports Fast Charging.

The Next Phone on Samsung Lineup to get a close Flagship Essence

Now one thing I kept emphasizing in this review, is that this phone is the next one to get the near flagship essence and what I mean by that is: Samsung is focusing on bringing quality updates to these phones and these days with phones getting more and more expensive, it is not justifiable to change every year and the brand promised that the A72 and the A52 will be getting 3 major OS upgrades and one additional year of security patches. So, if you are planning to buy this to use for the next 3 years at most, well, you are in for an enjoyable experience.

Why Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy A72 then?

As above, we have mentioned some of the good things this phone covers. Now there are setbacks of course, which I didn’t mention but it isn’t as a deal breaker to not purchase this phone. Some of them are:

  • The Under Display Fingerprint Sensor is just slow
  • Pricing for the A72 could be a little more reasonable

Now despite that, would I pick this phone up and use it as my daily driver if I didn’t have the penny and dime to own a flagship, I would because that future proofing smartphone is what’s missing in the Android ecosystem, and Samsung taking it seriously as compared to others only makes me feel happier and everyone who purchases these phones will be getting their money’s worth. Obviously, we aren’t anywhere near Apple’s lifespan, but I’ll take this effort any day too.


At RM 1899, the Samsung Galaxy A72 is a bit steep, I am not going to deny that but its also a good mid-tier you can rely on with sweet balance of good camera, good display, and good performance for the next 3 years to come. While we may have just used it for about 5-6 months, we were pretty happy with how the outcome was and in that span of time, they did release monthly updates to fix the camera and the experience which we did see the improvement time to time. So, there we have it.

Because Samsung did offer and bring back the lost A series back to where it was, we are giving the Samsung Galaxy A72 a Silver award in this review.

Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing us the Galaxy A72 for this review for happening.