It’s no surprise that Samsung’s foray into foldable device has been a game changer in many ways. While the market is still isnt mature enough for consumers to own one without any issues financially, having a good progress is good – and we have played with both the Z Flip and Z Fold – if you ask me which one, I am looking forward to: it’s going to be the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The Original Z Flip Was Exciting

Bringing back an exciting element from the past and making it alive with the next generation hardware and engineers, it makes the product nostalgic. Which is exactly what the Z Flip intended to do – bringing the clamshell design smartphone which we all loved and grew with, powered by the latest specification – which is exactly what the Z Flip aimed at doing and it really became the statement piece.

A compact foldable smartphone that looks like a compactor from Totally Spies! With the chic colors and shiny finish, it was a head turner. And there’s something about flip phones that’s just truly satisfying. When I got my hands on the review unit, I was genuinely impressed with how good it was built and the amount of time spent in R&D to put out a product like this was definitely visible.

One with Style and Substance

Rather than dumbing down the specification which is something many manufacturers do to drive the cost down as much as they can to make sure consumers can afford it, the Z Flip wasn’t afraid to tout a flagship processor under the hood that’s capable enough for a good amount of time – and if you know Samsung’s update model right now, it only makes sense to include a flagship processor to prolong the lifespan and still be able to flip it in style. The complete balance of Style and Substance was a deal breaker. Now sure, when it was announced – the phone was indeed pricey, rather close to its Fold brethren. But that’s the thing about pairing a new engineering with top-of-the-line specification. At least, now with the discounted price tag, you can still get it and flaunt it with style, get updates as well.

I see the price might go down a little more, but we’ll find out about it later.

The Workaround to make it Work

Making a foldable phone isn’t easy, let alone to engineer one – let’s just say it took a long time for Samsung to get it right since the first-generation foldable device. But their UTG – the Ultra-thin glass was an interesting twist, the second generation display to have a better flexibility and durability as compared to the “plastic” like display with the bigger fold. That particular technology was a head turner and since it had more tech than ever, the addition of the brush into the hinge to make sure the dust doesn’t settle inside regardless of its fragile form factor, showed Samsung was one step ahead all the time.

Why am I Excited for the Z Flip 2 then?

To be honest, given how smartphones are becoming bigger and how challenging it can be when it comes to usability – The Z Flip 3 is something I am looking forward to. With new fixes like the bigger front display as compared to the OG Flip which has a small window for display when its closed, a better durability and some impressive changes to what Samsung think would be nice to have, it’s what I am looking forward to. I do miss the flip phone era and it would be nice to be able to own one and even daily drive it. From the looks and the leaks, it seems promising but we shall see what happens – and if you want us to know more about the device, make sure to stay tuned to us as we will keep you posted. 😉

Also, I hope the leap in number, isn’t just in the number but with the phone itself. I know it will be.