Sudio is no stranger to the “minimalistic” design ideas which definitely looks beautiful and honestly, after coming across many brand that has been in the industry known to make products longer than them, Sudio has stuck to their philosophy very well. Functionality wise – now that’s a question we can only answer after trying and from what we have so far – as we have reviewed their products in the past, they are pretty good. But their Sudio Nio is taking headlines and ads everywhere that I wonder if it worth purchasing for the money that it cost, and lucky for us, the kind folks over at Sudio sent us one and here we are with our final verdict.

One Tiny Package, Tinier than the AirPod


The Sudio Nio is without a doubt – one of the three smallest True Wireless Earbuds I have reviewed and seen so far. The other two that I could compare is the Edifier TWS 1 and Jabra Elite 75t. This petite package is truly unique that it makes the already small Apple AirPod, smaller. But the smaller package is definitely an added advantage to users who carry their earbuds in their pocket for easy use and want something that adds very less bulk. The whole case is glossy with the Sudio printed on the front and a USB-C port on the side, not to forget the physical button on the bottom.


If you are worried about the earbuds case being prone to scratches, worry not as Sudio is selling a Sudio Nio Case that’s sustainably crafted from apple skin leather – in simpler name, Vegan leather.


The Swedish brand has always been about style over substance but this time they are trying to add more good hardware technology to go along with the earbuds to give users a better experience. These Sudio Nio has adaptive dual-microphone technology for calls to cancel out the noise, interchangeable wing tip for those who want a better fit, IPX4 waterproof rating – so that means hello gyms or for workout. There are some better changes like going for touch controls over physical buttons and battery life that claims to last upto 20 hours.

Now there are some features that definitely concerns me, but I’ll cover that in the Sound Quality.

Convenience and Comfort

Okay, these earbuds from Sudio have a similar style as the Apple Airpod with a stem and an open-style in-ear design, which means it doesn’t have any of those tips to seal the ears from external noise. Now on its own it sits well in my ear, surprisingly nice and snug as some earbuds with similar style that I have used before was just horrible to begin with. Now they do come with an unusual tip, more of a cover for the earpiece to give a closed and sealed experience. If your ears are shallow, these tips are not a great fit and for me, the Nio doesn’t fit with the tip at all. How about the Fin tips then? It still doesn’t fit well.

Here’s why – these tips give an odd bulk sideways which adds to the inward walls of the ear, so say if your ears are shallow, chances are those tips aren’t going to work for you and these Nio sans the tips work the best which it did for me. Will you miss out on the seal? Probably, but not by much as those eartips does have partial coverage, so you will hear your outside noises.

Comfortwise, they are not great but definitely not bad because wearing them definitely created no such discomfort in terms of prolonged use, but it did create that odd discomfort where one would just slip away from your ear as time goes by. You can adjust it but get ready to tap a lot of that touch control to get the right fit.

Sound Quality

This is pretty important for a true wireless earbud and before I get into the experience – here are some things you need to know from the specs paper: these true wireless earbuds only support SBC out of the box and no AAC support. That means Apple users will miss out on the “Apple codec”. This isn’t weird at all given that pretty much all the product from their lineup only has SBC baked into it. These Sudio Nio uses a 10mm Driver on both the earbuds and connects via Bluetooth 5.0 for that low latency.

Getting all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the Sound Quality. These open-type in-ears are tuned to have bass first response. Kicking things off with some good Kaleo’s Break My Baby – you’ll immediately notice that the bass is strong with the thumping from the get-go and the vocal sounds tinny for my liking. The dynamic range and audio shift between the earpiece is handled very well. But the experience is a bit so-so. I am not entirely satisfied but they don’t sound bad.

Naturally our next song was to go for a bass strong song like Marian Hill’s Got It – there’s a good reason why we choose this song because not every earbud we try can balance out the bass and vocals – speaking of that, hit that subscribe button for a review on a product that gets everything right from the get-go. Few seconds in with Samantha’s vocals and the moment the first bass hits, it completely compresses the vocals making it softer and the “crispness” to her voice is missing. Minutes later, when the instrument part comes in, at 1:10 mark, the bass is way too strong for my own liking.

Finally, I went with a song that has very little emphasis on the bass to see if it creates any – Eileen Sho Ji’s Feel Good. The instruments are a little high pitch and once that part is over, you can immediately tell the bass compresses the vocal and the song loses its “lofi” qualities.

Thing is the Nio sure does sound better than the previous Sudio earbuds we tried, except for the Fem which sounds better to be honest. But the bass-first response kills the mood immediately, and the only time I didn’t feel tired of the bass with the Nio was when listening to acoustic songs such as Giveon’s Like I Want You – now that sounds good, but you will sense that guitar strumming the bass feel a little to intense that it should be.

If you are a bass head and your only need is that thumping bass, you want it to get as intense as possible, the Nio is as intense as it gets. Sony might as well give their EXTRA BASS title to Sudio.


Here’s the thing about these Sudio Nio, they still emphasize on style over substance and coming from someone who has tried some budget friendly earbuds that cost less than these, I can tell you that there are better True Wireless Earbuds for you to choose from out there. But say if you are planning to get these for the looks, the thumping bass and the petite form factor, you might as well go for it – and as of right now, if you do purchase and use the Promo code: TAVESPER15, you can get the Apple Leather Case with 50% discount, a free Andrea Maack Tote Bag and a Black Card Holder for free at a price of approx. RM 355.

If you want and are out there looking for a good overall sounding earbud, well for now all we can say is to stay tuned because we do have one and you are going to love it.




  • Petite Design and Looks Pretty
  • USB-C Charging is Great
  • The Apple Leather Case is alright
  • The fit without the rubberized earbuds are much better
  • Comes in various options to choose from
  • Has Style


  • Just having SBC isn't going to cut it at this price
  • The bass response is very intense
  • but lacks Substance