There are many ways to make your kids attend classes online in this current circumstance and no matter what, laptops are pretty much the way to go because if you want one device to do everything – this is it. But what laptop to get though? Which one to choose? Well, trust us when we say this because the ASUS BR1100 Series are specifically made for your kids and it’s possibly the best laptop you could get and here are some of the reasons as to why.

ASUS BR1100 Series

2-in-1 or Traditional Laptop? Your Pick

Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean you don’t get to choose what you want  to fit the bill right? That’s definitely what ASUS is going for with the BR1100 Series – yes, series. There are – not one – but two different laptops to choose from: the Traditional Clamshell style BR1100C which can go 180-degrees flat or go beyond the 180-degree mark with the 2-in-1 style laptop which is the BR1100F. Since the BR1100F does come with a 2-in-1 style foldable laptop, it also supports a stylus which is baked right into the laptop. So, you can choose which model is suitable for your kids.

Military-Grade Reliability

Both the BR1100C and BR1100F are no jokes when it comes to durability. What used to be a standard that premium laptop undergoes and gets certified, ASUS felt it’s only right to ensure these BR1100 laptops go through the same vigorous testing methodology because kids drop things too. This laptop with the MIL-STD 810H certification, can handle drops on multiple sides while powered on, has port durability so connecting your devices isn’t going to be a challenge, withstand pressure up to 28kg and finally a hinge test where they opened and closed it 30,000 times.

Spill-Resistant Keyboard

It just doesn’t end there – because I am sure we all sit in front of our laptop, with our drinks or food at times as we learn or work. Sometimes spilling drinks all over the keyboard happens. With these laptops, you could do that on purpose and get away with it, thanks to the Spill-Resistant Keyboard that can handle up to 330 cc without harm.

All-Round Rubber Bumper

Remember we spoke about drops – well, you might wonder if it damages the body, right? These laptops have rubber bumper on all four exterior edges and corners which eliminates the physical shock to make sure that the components inside are safe. So, you’re safe too.

Noise-Reduction Camera

The only way we could see our teachers or our classmates, is through our camera and a good camera is important. ASUS included a 3D Noise-Reduction technology on the laptops which helps in getting rid of the random noise, therefore giving the ability to manage any kind of lighting the student is in.

Webcam Privacy Shield

One of the, if not the most important thing for us – it’s privacy, especially a child’s privacy. Given that the Internet is a vast place to be in, it isn’t necessarily a safe place to be in, and taking extra measure to protect oneself is good. So, in this case, ASUS including a privacy shutter is a smart idea. Once the class is over, shut it off and you have instant privacy right there.

AI Noise-Canceling

Don’t have headphones? Worry not, ASUS’s impressive AI based Noise-Canceling Technology for microphone is present in both the BR1100 – so, the laptop will take care of isolating any unwanted noise except for human speech and the last thing you need is the teacher calling your name for the umpteenth time and not being able to hear you which with this laptop, they should be able to hear you loud and clear.

Easy to Fix

Since it’s an affordable laptop and if there’s any chance where you need to perform some maintenance or fix perhaps, well the modular design of the laptop allows you to fix or replace key components in a matter of minutes. In fact, you don’t even need to have a screw tray because it uses anti-falling screws which stays intact on the bottom panel.

Antibacterial Protection

Given the unprecedented times that we live in, its only important for us to bring it up – laptop surfaces are pretty prone to harbor millions of bacteria easily. So, ASUS has coated the laptop with what they call the BacGuard, an antibacterial treatment which will inhibit the growth a little over 99% in 24-hours. Now if you want to clean the laptop with alcohol wipes and not worry about ruining the materials, you can because it’s also made to withstand such cleaning materials.

Affordable Price Tag

Regardless of whichever model you go for, both the laptop comes at an affordable price that anyone could own – with the BR1100C priced at RM 1,449 and BR1100F priced at RM 1,699 which is well below the RM2000 mark and a much better buy than a smartphone which gives you smaller screen to study, to do homework and so on. These ASUS BR1100 Series are here to give you your money’s worth, and they are going to make your kids happy and enjoy learning at home.

You can click here to learn more about the BR1100C or click here to learn about the foldable BR1100F. Once you have decided on which one to get and ready to purchase, you can find out the nearest dealer around you by clicking here.

This article is brought to you by ASUS Malaysia.