Garmin Malaysia officially kickstarted the Garmin Solidarity Run with a virtual running campaign for a good cause.

Garmin Solidarity Run

With an open registration for up to 1,000 participants, all participants are welcome from today until the 16th of October for a communal experience, united in solidarity with a contribution fee ranging across RM30, RM50, RM100, RM200 and RM300 for a virtual run powered by Biib, a running event organiser.

The Garmin Solidarity Run aims to lay a foundation for participants to improve their health while also contributing to society, which is an equally beneficial effort in the face of the pandemic’s consequences.

With a joining fee of their choice, participants are encouraged to virtually run a comfortable distance of up to 21 kilometres. They will each receive an e-certificate and a limited edition Garmin jersey in exchange.

The Hope Branch Malaysia will receive donations from the registration fees as part of their #THBRULE campaign, which will help families in need with rent, utilities, and living expenses. After Biib’s processing and transportation expenses are deducted, the proceeds of the donation will go to The Hope Branch Malaysia.

The Hope Branch is a local project that works in collaboration with Kitajagakita to gather finances and provide direct assistance to the less fortunate in Malaysian society.

The Hope Branch, led by Dr Jezzamine Lim and Harith Iskander, is a frontline movement that focuses on assisting families, frontline workers, and refugees in an effort to offer relief during these trying times as part of the #benderaputih #whiteflag activities.

Below are the terms and conditions of the Garmin Solidarity Run:

  1. The Garmin Solidarity Run for a Good Cause is a virtual event.
  2. Participants must obey the current Movement Control Order in your area and social distancing rules. Individual, non-contact sports and recreational activities with adequate physical distancing are allowed in outdoor areas from 6 AM – 10 PM. This includes running or jogging, cycling, hiking and more.
  3. Indoor running on a treadmill is also acceptable. Participants may submit a photo of their treadmill dashboard by manual submission. Participants are only allowed to submit distance tracked activities. Step based activity will NOT be accepted.
  4. Anyone wishing to participate for the sole purpose of donating to charity is also acceptable.
  5. Participants must sync or submit (start date and time, duration, distance and route (for outdoor activity only) within 72 hours after the end of each activity and before the end of the event at 11:59 PM Saturday 16th October 2021 (GMT +8). Late submissions will not be accepted.

There’s also a lucky draw happening during the Garmin Solidarity Run. Entrants have the chance to win Garmin products through a Lucky Draw drawing if they synchronize their running activities in the Garmin Sports app. For more information, please contact the organizer.

For more information on the Garmin Solidarity Run, head over here.