Even before work-from-home mandates, the popularity of all-in-one equipment and devices has risen. They not only save space, but they also make work and living easier.

Samsung’s Smart Monitors are built on this foundation, and the new lineup makes daily chores and entertainment more accessible on a single device.

The Smart Monitor improves the connectivity of your devices. If both devices are signed in to the same Samsung account, you can access your PC through your Smart Monitor, making remote work really remote.

The Smart Monitor, on the other hand, features numerous USB ports that allow you to connect many devices without the need for an additional adaptor, and the M7 even has a USB-c port for added convenience.

When you connect your device to the monitor with Auto Source Switch+, the monitor will automatically switch to the appropriate input source, saving you the trouble of looking for it. The Smart Monitor can help you improve your performance at work or at play.

With the Smart Monitor, you can also take your entertainment to the next level. It may function as a stand-alone device without the need for any additional sources, such as Smart TV apps.

With a single click, you can watch your favourite K-drama or laugh at the latest rom-com on Netflix, YouTube, and Apple TV.

Long-term viewing is more pleasant thanks to Adaptive Picture, which changes the screen brightness and colour temperature as needed, and the built-in protection safeguards your eyes from dangerous blue light emission.

The display even has a remote control for quicker browsing, and the built-in speakers provide a complete aural experience in one device.

Samsung Smart Monitors on sale now

You can check out all the Smart Samsung Monitors in Samsung’s Merdeka sale happening right now until 30 September. You can even walk away with a free Smart Keyboard Trio 500 with your purchase.