It’s no surprise that IKEA does some of the best collaboration with other brands to make something truly unique like with Sonos and so much more. Their recent collaboration with Republic of Gamers to make furniture to suit ones gaming setup was a commendable one and in fact, the IKEA ROG Gaming Furniture or IKEA Gaming so to speak is coming to Malaysia.

IKEA ROG Gaming Furniture Malaysia

Now we don’t have enough details as to what will be brought over to Malaysia but in this collaboration between IKEA and Republic of Gamers (ROG) – they have designed plethora of furniture to choose from: Gaming desks, gaming chairs and accessories to combine that nice sharp look and flaunt your love for ROG and IKEA. Plus, we are no strangers to both the brands (personally, a huge fan of ROG and IKEA as well.)

From the looks of it, they do have two different gaming solutions: one with the IKEA ROG Gaming Furniture that represents the dark and edgy vibe on the right and on the left for someone who is looking for a much more Scandinavian look which IKEA is popularly known for. Interestingly, it doesn’t stop at furniture as they are making other accessories as we mentioned earlier and to name a few: neck pillow, mouse bungee, headset stand and ring light.

As for now, we know that its coming into Malaysia on the 11th November, and that’s not too far off. So, all we can say is – stay tuned, and if we happen to get the opportunity to take a look at their peripherals and furniture or even review for that matter, we totally will, and you will know from us. If you don’t want to miss that – click here for that.