Tic Tac Malaysia is introducing the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ campaign to encourage gamers to refresh and celebrate ‘little wins’ in the game, allowing them to disconnect from online negativity and reconnect with their soft side.

Tic Tac Malaysia x Mobile Legends: ‘Refresh and Recharge’

Every week, Malaysians can win over 1,500 Mobile Legends assets such as Diamonds (50 to 1,000 Diamonds), Skins, and Heroes as part of the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ promotion. To be eligible, people simply need to buy a Tic Tac in any flavour (Mint, Orange, Spearmint, or Strawberry) and upload the receipt to Tic Tac Malaysia’s website.

Every week, Tic Tac will give away 40 big prizes, including Limited Edition and Special Skins, Heroes, and 1,000 Diamonds. Use the hashtag #TicTacRecharge and submit a public post on your Facebook or Instagram profiles stating why you adore Tic Tac to be eligible for a weekly Bonus prize.

After you’ve completed the following steps, simply upload a screenshot of your post to be entered into the weekly Bonus contest.

The Tic Tac Refresh and Recharge campaign will run from October 4th to November 28th, 2021.