To be honest, it comes off as no surprise that the smartphone market is getting extremely saturated with entry and mid-tier smartphones and what comes along with that is a huge pile of disappointment where consumers would have to upgrade their phones more so than ever. While the Nokia X20 may look simple on paper, did you know that it does more than the similarly spec-ed or higher performing contenders? Not to forget, in a good way at that.

3, the Magic Number

Why you ask? Well, just like its predecessors, the Nokia X20 carries the same prowess in its heart – by providing quality 3 years of update – both major software and security as well. This is crucial in today’s world because given how much threat we have out there in the virtual world that we are connected, having a proper OS update not only gives the user the ability to experience what the new Android version brings to the table, but also, protects you from newer threats that can be easily recognized with the 3 years of updates. This is crucial, as we are moving into a time and age where our mobile is the gateway to payments to everywhere we go – to put it simply, our phone is our wallet these days and then last thing you ever want to go through is lose those credentials, which is why those 3 years of updates, makes a whole lot of difference.

Not 1, Not 2, but 3 Years Warranty

Changing phones pretty often isn’t a good sign and it isn’t environmentally sustainable as these materials are pretty hard to recycle. Usually, this is where manufacturers tend to bow out and puts a huge dent to your wallet when something goes wrong, and you need to fix it. Nokia thought of that and along with those 3 years of updates, they offer 3 years of warranty for that absolute peace of mind. Isn’t that a relief?

5G for Tomorrow

We are moving into a much faster era of connectivity, while 5G is not available in Malaysia, you do not want to miss it while it makes it way too. That said, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G found under the hood is capable of impressive downloads and upload speeds, all possible to the X51 Modem found inside the processor. The performance is decent and allows users to have good every day usage which includes socializing, calling and even capturing moments.

64MP Shooter with Zeiss Optics

Nokia is the home for Zeiss Optics for as long as we could remember, and surprisingly the 64MP camera with Zeiss Optics on the Nokia X20 is a marvelous camera to shoot on some amazing pictures with good details and quality. You can even use the Dual Sight multi-cam mode to shoot with both the front and rear camera at the same time or even have the option to use both the ultra wide and wide to capture images at the same time. Pairing it up with AI and depth-based imaging technology, you don’t get to save images, but you get to save moments to look back at on whatever long trips you go with and speaking of that…

2-days Battery Life

Thanks to the 4470mAh battery that’s found under the Nokia X20 – you can take the phone on a good trip and still make it back with enough battery. Say if you do plan to play some games or watch your favorite shows, the Nokia X20 also has a nice copper heat pipe cooling system to keep everything under control.

The Nokia X20 offers nothing but trust, security and at the same time, being a fun smartphone throughout your journey. So why not get yours?

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