After the teaser and announcement which we saw for Ghostwire: Tokyo at E3 2019 where Ikumi Nakamura won our hearts with her excitement – Tango Gameworks and Bethesda has finally dropped some good news about the game and Ghostwire: Tokyo release is closer than you think and here’s everything we know about it.

Ghostwire: Tokyo


Coming from the studio that made games like Evil Within which is one of the best horror-slash-supernatural title, which I personally enjoyed, comes a new game called Ghostwire: Tokyo and the game takes place in – as the location in the title says, Tokyo where you will be playing as a character named Akito. It progresses from there into the whole city where it’s now invaded by paranormal creatures, urban legends which we have heard before.


The whole game is an action-adventure game from a first-person point of view. That said, the story and the whole effort that has gone behind Ghostwire: Tokyo looks amazing with a different combat style and their dedication in bringing the real Tokyo to life in game with shots where you can see Shibuya Crossing and other popular spots within the game. In fact, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have showcased the gameplay in their recent video along with the mechanics – which you can watch below.

You are Akito: a young man who finds himself among the last surviving human beings left in the city. Just then, the city is invaded by a cadre of paranormal creatures, ghostly apparitions, living urban legends and more – all seemingly the work of a mysterious masked man simply known as Hannya. To stay alive, you must team up with a spectral ally of your own – the lost spirit of a rugged detective that goes by KK. Akito and KK share the same goal in their pursuit of Hannya, though it may seem as though your ghostly cohort is following an agenda of his own.

Platforms Available on: PS5 and PC

Ghostwire: Tokyo is headed to two platforms – PC and as for consoles, it will be made available exclusively on PlayStation 5. There are some neat pre-order offerings available for both PS5 and PC.

Digital Pre-Order

The Digital Pre-order for Ghostwire: Tokyo will come with two different editions – the Digital Standard Edition will be sold for RM249 whereas the Digital Deluxe Edition will go for RM 339. There are some cool benefits to pre-ordering the game where you will receive the following digital content as freebies:

  • Biker Outfit
  • Hannya Outfit

Now if you pre order the Deluxe Edition, players will receive a three-day Full Game Early Access and the following digital contents:

  • Streetwear Outfit Pack
  • Shinobi Outfit & Kunai Weapon

For those who have a PS Plus subscription, you will be entitled for a 10% off discount which is neat – where the Standard Edition will be available for RM 224.10 and the Deluxe Edition for RM 305.10.

Physical Pre-order

If physical pre-order is your thing, the game comes with a Physical Standard Edition which is priced at RM 249 and will be available for pre-order starting 15th February 2022 at all PlayStation Authorized Stores and Sony Stores. Consumers will also receive a choice of Steelbook out of two available designs – which is something you will have to check with your local retailers.

If you are a PC Gamer


Ghostwire: Tokyo is available for pre-purchase on Steam for RM 179.99 for the Standard Edition and RM 239.99 for the Deluxe Edition. Unlike the PS5 Pre-orders where you get two outfits for pre-ordering, on the PC you are only entitled to get the Hannya Outfit. If you plan to pre-order the Deluxe Edition: you will get Streetwear Outfit Pack and Shinobi Outfit & Kunai Weapon.