In today’s world, smartphones have moved far beyond just mere means of communication. Nowadays smartphones houses a person’s whole life in them, their contacts, photos, and most crucially their personal information ie banking details, identification and such. This means that smartphones today are ripe for cybercriminals’ taking.

Therefore, it has become imperative for smartphones to have the highest utmost forms of security to counter any possible cyberattacks. This is what Dr Seungwon Shin, VP and Head of the Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics wants to highlight.

How Samsung keeps their Galaxy devices safe

Dr Shin has led security innovations across the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, including the  development of secure AP and Samsung Knox Vault. He also oversees Samsung’s response to ongoing security threats with real-time protection and threat predictions. He is also a member of the INTERPOL DarkNet Working Group as well as the Chair of the FIDO Korea Working Group.

Dr Shin warns users to not confuse privacy for security. Users may be cautious enough to not click on suspicious links or emails and disable app tracking, among others but that doesn’t mean that their data is completely safe. There is still “no-click” malware such as Pegasus, a spyware that infiltrates a person’s device via a simple text message.

Dr Shin says that attacks like these are what propels their work with Samsung Knox. The company’s defence-grade security platform has been approved by many governments around the world. “We achieved that level of trust through a holistic, multi-layered approach to protection: open collaboration, hardware and software integrated security, and real-time protection,” said Dr Shin.

Dr Shin also says that one of the great advantages of the Android ecosystem is that the source code is easily accessible. This allows for anyone to see if there is anything wrong with it, therefore, allowing it to be strengthened collectively.

Samsung also works with academics and white hat hackers through their Mobile Security Rewards Program to identify and patch potential vulnerabilities through their regular security updates on Samsung Galaxy devices. This method allows Samsung to detect any potential issues before they can cause trouble.

Samsung also introduced Knox Vault which combines the Secure Processor with a new Secure Memory Chip, to isolate the most critical information (such as PINs, passwords, biometrics, digital certificates, and cryptographic keys) from the rest of the device to make sure it never gets into the wrong hands.

“The world is more connected than ever, and there are more risks. But there are also more opportunities. Our priority is to keep you protected while you explore new experiences. With Samsung Galaxy, you’re free to live your life – with the privacy you want and the security you need,” said Dr Shin.

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