Sony has released the new ECM-G1 shotgun microphone that’s aimed toward vlogging. The new microphone has ambient sound suppression and clear frontal sound collection to produce great sound quality when capturing content.

The ECM-G1 features a large diameter (about. 14.6 mm) microphone capsule, a wind screen to reduce wind noise when filming outdoors, and an optimised frame with anti-vibration dampers to suppress vibration noise. The cableless design avoids cable-transmitted vibration noise when attached to a Sony camera with the Multi Interface (MI) shoe.

The shotgun microphone’s pick up pattern emphasises clear sound collection from in front of the camera, with surrounding noise minimised to ensure only intended audio is caught. The microphone is especially useful for interior use because it reduces echo pickup from walls and voice reverberation.

The shotgun microphone weighs just 34g and is very compact (28.0mm x 50.8mm x 48.5mm). Users won’t have to worry about the microphone running out of power as the microphone draws power directly from the camera.

Sony ECM-G1 price and availability

The Sony ECM-G1 retails for USD149.99 (RM665.50) and will be available sometime in August. For more news like this, stay tuned to us at The Adventures of Vesper.