ASUS has announced a comprehensive ROG x Evangelion collaboration centred on EVA-01, the popular Evangelion manga and anime series’ flagship mecha. DIY PC builders will be able to create their own ‘NERV command centre’ by assembling a high-end PC with EVA 01’s distinctive purple-and-green theme and a variety of artwork directly from the Evangelion universe.

A special ROG Maximus motherboard, two ROG Strix GeForce RTXTM graphics cards, a ROG Ryujin II 360 AIO cooler, and other ROG gear will be available.

ROG x Evangelion PC components unveiled

Below are some of the ROG x Evangelion PC components that ASUS will be releasing.

ROG Maximus Z690 Hero EVA Edition Motherboard

The ROG Maximus Z690 Hero EVA Edition is dressed in the EVA-01’s signature purple and green. Another visual treat is an A.T. Field design around the CPU socket and polymo-lighting on the I/O cover that switches between EVA-01 normal and berserk modes.

ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 EVA Edition Graphics Cards

The shroud and backplate EVA Edition of the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 feature EVA-01 aesthetic cues, and the iconic synchronisation effect is displayed on the front ARGB panel.

ROG Ryujin II 360 ARGB EVA Edition AIO Cooler

The gunmetal pump cover of the ROG Ryujin II 360 ARGB EVA Edition surrounds a 3.5-inch screen that displays vital stats and customizable GIFs. Meanwhile, reinforced tubing transports coolant to a radiator outfitted with three NERV-styled ARGB fans.

ROG THOR 1000W Platinum II EVA Edition Power Supply

The ROG Thor II Platinum EVA Edition has an EVA-inspired skin and component and cooling upgrades that allow for the lowest possible noise levels.

ROG Strix Helios EVA Edition Chassis

The interior and exterior details of the ROG Strix Helios EVA Edition chassis have been designed to match the aesthetics of the EVA-01 and house the other ROG x Evangelion components.

ROG Strix XG27AQM EVA Edition Monitor

The ROG Strix XG27AQM EVA Edition is also decked in the EVA-01’s purple and green colour scheme.

ROG Delta S EVA Edition Gaming Headset

The ROG Delta S EVA Edition headset houses a high-quality ESS 9281 QUAD DAC and an ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone within a lightweight shell with EVA-inspired purple and green aesthetics and customisable RGB lighting.

ROG Strix Scope RX EVA Edition Keyboard

The ROG Strix Scope RX EVA Edition proudly wraps a purple-and-green EVA-inspired aluminium case around a full complement of ROG RX optical mechanical switches.

ROG Keris Wireless EVA Edition Mouse

The ROG Keris Wireless EVA Edition weighs only 79 grammes and features the same eye-catching green and purple colour scheme as the EVA-01, as well as a 16,000 dpi ROG sensor and ROG push-fit switch sockets.

ROG Scabbard II EVA Edition Mouse Pad

The ROG Scabbard II EVA Edition, which combines contrasting NERV and EVA-inspired design elements on a nano-coated surface that repels water, oil, and dust, prominently displays your allegiance and serves as a solid foundation for the ROG Keris Wireless EVA Edition mouse.

ROG Strix Arion EVA Edition SSD Enclosure

ROG x Evangelion PC components price and availability

All of the ROG x Evangelion components will be available for purchase starting from the 13th of August. It will be available via the official ROG online store and authorised partner dealers. Check out the prices below.

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