LG has launched their brand new LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier. LG’s revolutionary ‘tankless’ technology provides access to clean water that is free of microorganism growth and remains fresh regardless of temperature. The upgraded water purifier also has auto-sterilisation features, easy filter replacement, and filter subscription, giving a new spin on “Total Self-Service.”

LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier launched

The auto-sterilisation feature of the LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier sterilises both the internal stainless-steel pipes and the outlet with hot water, removing 99.99% of germs. The system sterilises internal stainless-steel pipes once a week by default, but users can change this to as often as they want.

Its 4-Stage All Puri Filter System also removes 99.99% of norovirus and 9 types of heavy metals from water, including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, iron, copper, aluminium, manganese, and zinc.

Furthermore, the brand-new “Self-Service” features allow customers to change the filter on their own time, without having to wait for customer care services. In a matter of seconds, the filter can be replaced with a new one without the use of any tools. Not to mention that the subscription service delivers new filters to customers’ doors every six months.


The LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier also has a UV sterilisation feature, which sterilises the inside of the water outlet once every hour or whenever the user chooses.

The LG ThinQ allows consumers to check the status of the water purifier and set a sterilisation schedule in real-time via a smartphone at any time and from any location, while Voice Guidance provides step-by-step instructions for high-temperature sterilisation, filter replacement, and function setting.

Price and availability

The LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier is available in three colours: Navy Blue, Silver and White. Consumers can equip their homes with the latest LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier now at the following prices:

For those who prefer professional services, regular service visits by LG professional technicians are still available. Every three months, LG technicians will perform product service on the water purifier. More information at the official LG website.

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