Ultimate Arena, PUBG MOBILE’s new 4v4 game mode, has been announced. With the map changing for each round, the new mode promises the ultimate gameplay experience, allowing players to flex their skills in a variety of terrain types and conditions.

PUBG MOBILE Ultimate Arena is out now

All PUBG MOBILE players in Ultimate Arena must battle it out in multiple rounds to conquer various battlegrounds and eventually defeat all enemies. Each match has a maximum of seven rounds, and the team that wins four rounds first wins the match.

The new mode, which has already received positive feedback from beta testers, is highly anticipated by PUBG MOBILE fans. The most exciting aspect is the change in maps for each round, which forces PUBG MOBILE players to strategize their gameplay accordingly.

Ultimate Arena is designed for players who enjoy a quick and action-packed battleground experience, from weapon selection to tactics for all map types, including close and long-range combat as well as maps with maximum or minimum terrain.

Players in Ultimate Arena will earn coins to upgrade their weapon loadouts in preparation for the next map layout by eliminating enemies and winning as many rounds as possible. In addition to the standard PUBG MOBILE weapons, players can equip a special Riot Shield to protect teammates from gunfire.

A full 7-round match in the latest PUBG MOBILE game mode lasts an average of 10 minutes. As a result, Ultimate Arena is ideal for PUBG MOBILE players looking for a quick stress reliever during their lunch break at work or in between their study routines.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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