DEATHLOOP has just been announced as the newest game added to Xbox Game Pass this month. This will be the first time the game sees a release on the Xbox Series X and S as the game was previously a timed exclusive for PlayStation platforms. The game is also available on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store and Game Pass.

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That’s not all. In celebration of the game’s release on Xbox Game Pass, developer Arkane Lyon also announced the release of the GOLDENLOOP Update on all platforms. The new update allows for crossplay to all platforms (PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic and the Microsoft Store) when playing PvP matches.

The GOLDENLOOP Update also brings a new ability to DEATHLOOP with Fugue. The new Fugue ability is a projectile that slows and confuses your enemy, rendering them harmless for a short time. There’s also the new HALPS Prototype weapon, an energy-based rifle that unleashes a continuous laser-like beam, allowing you to precisely rip through your adversaries. Check out all that’s coming in the new update right here.

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