Ever since that whole fiasco broke between Konami and Hideo Kojima, one of the biggest headlines back when it happened, things didn’t go quite as planned. Especially one of the highly anticipated games, P.T. – a Silent Hill sequel set to terrorize the horror genre. After it got shelved, it’s been a while since we have seen any announcement until today when Konami teased their upcoming Silent Hill game, potentially the PT we have been waiting for.

Upcoming Silent Hill

Silent Hill

Silent Hill has been one of the most popular horror game franchises most gamers could remember and it does live up to its expectations. But what shook the gaming scene was P.T. short for Playable Trailer, which was a teaser to the Silent Hill game, Konami and the mastermind, Kojima came together to make it happen. What was not just a Playable Trailer but ended up being the shortest gameplay that caught too much attention, to the point people are jailbreaking their PS5 to play it, (yes, it’s that popular) – it made its impact.

But after getting shelved and getting removed from the PS Stores – there has never been a piece of single news about it. Until now. The Silent Hill site went live with the only information on it is the date of the announcement which is on the 19th of October 2022, 2 pm (PDT) – which is 5 am for us in Malaysia. Although it is very hard to pinpoint what to expect, the font and the simple text do show that chances are, it could very well be the P.T. we have been waiting for.

For now, we can only keep our eyes peeled but, in the meantime, stay tuned to us as we will cover the moment we get more information on it.