With Magic celebrating their 30th anniversary very soon, it’s no surprise that Wizards have planned something pretty special to make it memorable – and boy they sure have. But what comes after this is surprising because some, if not many of the legendary cards that we have known for years, Black Lotus being one of them, make a return in the Magic The Gathering 30th Anniversary edition. Not only it is expensive, but there’s a catch.

Magic The Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition

Magic The Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition

This Magic the Gathering 30th Anniversary edition is a commemorative, collectable, and non-tournament-legal product that will be celebrating 30 years of Magic’s existence. It does pick up its inspiration from a Limited-Edition Beta, and with this 30th-anniversary edition, every fan and collector can experience the most iconic elements of the early days of magic.

These cards come in their original art form with modern sensibilities and nostalgia. It comes in a pretty box, which consists of 4 packs of booster packs – and each pack comes with 15 cards, 13 in a modern frame – 1 rare, 3 uncommon, 7 commons, and 2 basic lands – plus one basic land in a retro frame, one additional retro frame card, and a token – specifically with the 30th-anniversary text on it.

If you noticed the Retro frame slot, we mentioned earlier – apparently, out of every 10 packs, 3 packs will contain a rare retro frame card which can range from a Black Lotus to a Mahamoti Djinn to a Volcanic Island. So, some packs will have 2 rares or even 2 pieces of the Power 9.

As for lands like Volcanic Island, which is known for its dual land capability -it will appear twice as frequently as any other non-dual land rare, which is applicable to both modern and retro frames. There are no mythic rares this time around, and no rarities have been shifted. But as it turns out, it does have modern wording and corners and some even with new touched-up artwork – enhanced if you will.

Given that Magic wants to give the experience of opening some of the best cards in these packs, they have managed to add as many cards as possible to provide that experience with the Magic the Gathering 30th Anniversary edition – you can click here to check out the complete list. But they have also removed a bunch of cards that don’t meet the modern standards – six cards to be specific:

  • Contract from Below, Darkpact, Demonic Attorney, Earthbind, Crusade and Weakness

Finally, to add a bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice for flavour, they have also added text to it.

Magic the Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition: What’s the Catch?


Now the biggest catch for the Magic The Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition is that it will be shipped to limited regions only. If you happen to be in the luckiest region, you can pick this up for $999 at 30thEdition.wizards.com starting November 28th. Again, it depends on when you will be getting it – it could be within 2022 if you are in North America, otherwise – expect it in early 2023.

The only folks that will be having an enjoyable time without paying a single penny would be WPN and Premium WPN Stores. All the WPN Stores will give one display and three copies to all Premium WPN stores – regardless of the region they are in or if it can be shipped or not – as this is a celebration for Magic.

Stay tuned to us for more Magic the Gathering here at The Adventures of Vesper.

It’s moments like these we wish we had our own WPN stores.