Fancy a black-and-white mix for your RAM that comes with loads of RGB? Well, Kingston’s got you with the latest memory kit – the FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition

Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition 1

As part of their 35th anniversary, Kingston is offering up these specially-made FURY Beast kits that come with a bright and white heat spreader encasing the dark and black PCB while the RGB diffuser sits nicely on the top. And that’s pretty much it for it since the design and memorable properties are the core selling point of this.

Meanwhile, it performs identically to the standard model where the speeds are targeted at 3200 and 3600MT/s with Intel XMP profiles ready to get some one-click-OC jobs done. The Kingston FURY CTRL software has also been updated to recognize and support this set of RAM to apply 1 of the 16 preset lighting effects.


The Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 RGB Special Edition is available in 8GB and 16GB of single sticks or comes as a full 2 or 4-set kit that goes up to 16GB or 32GB. We don’t know the exact date of when will it launches in Malaysia though.

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