Yes 5G Ipoh: Folks living over at Ipoh may have started seeing their 5G compatible smartphone running a Yes SIM card getting 5G connections because they have just officially launched the commercial service there just a few days ago.

Yes 5G Ipoh

Yes 5G Ipoh 2

Launched successfully at the Ipoh City Council premise, Yes 5G has tested its connection across several places such as Medan Ipoh, Ipoh Town, Station 18, Bercham, Tambun, Gunung Rapat, and Bandar Sri Botani, and for sure, the 5G coverage has reached them with the fastest one being the Ipoh Railway Station that went up to as fast as 715Mbps which is close 72MBps and that’s crazy fast.

Users subscribed to the Infinite series or Prepaid FT5G Unlimited plans may start utilizing the cellular connection while Yes slowly expands the coverage to the rest of the state.

For home users that cannot apply for an optical fiber connection, then the Yes Infinite Gateway can be the alternative too and at just RM148 per month, you can get a free 5G router while having speeds of up to 120Mbps.

So outdoor 4K movie streaming anyone?

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