During our trip to Singapore Comic Con 2022, which happened earlier this month – or depending on when you read, it happened on 9th December 2022 – we had the chance to check out a few folks we have been following, personally. We had the time to visit Aegis Guard Co – a Singaporean-based company that makes TCG accessories for the masses. While they are relatively new in the market, their products are making strides in other markets – Malaysia being one of them, with more markets to enter in the future. So, we bought three things we needed and checked out Aegis TCG Accessories – because why not.

Aegis TCG Accessories Review | A Quick One

Aegis Mini Snap Guard

Generally, Snap Guard allows you to showcase the card from your fancy collection if you want to display it. But there are some neat things you could do with those – like for instance, personally, I play Magic the Gathering and more specifically, I play EDH or to put it simply, Commander. In this format, we have 99 cards plus 1, which totals 100 and that “plus 1” is the commander of the deck. So, to make my commander pop on the table and also allows me to not shuffle it into the remaining 99 cards, making me hunt where my commander is – Snap Guard helps a lot.

The Aegis Mini Snap Guard comes in a pack of five and we purchased it for SGD 6, which roughly converts to (MYR 19.2 – x3.2). From a price-to-value point, it is a very well-priced product. In Malaysia, a single Mini Snap Cardholder from BCW cost RM 5.00. Ultra Pro on the other hand, which I used with my first Commander Deck, cost me about RM 7-8. So, in terms of pricing, Aegis Mini Snap Guard does not only have a good price tag but it comes with a pack of five.

Aegis did not stop there, but they went ahead with making the best kind of materials and features that matters, by a lot. They got the staple things right, which is pretty much the same as Ultra Pro’s recessed Snap Card Holder and they are: Stackable, no PVC, acid-free, can be used with an inner sleeve and has a nice snap lock. Aegis Mini Snap Guard, however, has 99% UV Protection – which stands out.

L: Miirym, Ultra Pro Snap Cover | R: Vrondiss, Aegis Snap Cover

Why is UV protection important? Now, you see if you are playing it with your commander, fine – it isn’t something you need but it’s nice to have. But in cases, where you have a showcase card, like the Chaos Wrap Happy Holiday Card which Wizards sent us – and if you plan to display it, you need a good case like this. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to objects as well and it does damage to your card like the colours fading, yellowing, greening and even other effects.

You don’t want that to happen to your expensive collection, let alone, your cards in general. So, the UV protection which is offered with Aegis Mini Snap Guard – is definitely the cherry on top, sealing the deal for good – for the years to come. So, yes, if you do plan to purchase these Aegis Mini Snap Guard here in Malaysia or Singapore, you are fine – even after conversion, these are well-priced.

Aegis Perfect Fit Sleeve


Now, onto another product, which sells like hotcakes, all over the place – inner sleeves, specifically Perfect Fit Sleeves. Despite my 5 months journey into the world of Magic the Gathering, I have tried my fair share of perfect sleeves from a few brands and I stick with two brands at the moment. They are, KMC and Dragon Shield. These two brands have been in the leagues for as long as I can remember and they are the staple in the TCG world with few honourable mentions, like Game Genic and Ultimate Guard’s Katana series.

Aegis Perfect Fit Sleeves is another choice for you to choose from. Now, their sleeves have the same features: it’s a perfect fit, and Acid-Free with no PVC. For this, we are going to compare KMC’s Perfect Sleeves as they are the right candidate and Dragon Shield’s Inner sleeves just for added comparison.

Now, to begin with, the colour of the sleeves – Aegis Perfect Fit Sleeves has a rather blue-ish tone to the covers in a collective stack once you open them up. We noticed the same colour with the Dragon Shield Inner Sleeves but not with KMC as it has a much more yellow/warm tone. It’s just a finding and nothing that impacts the quality.

KMC Perfect Sleeves, feel very soft and have a nice thinness to them. On the other hand, Aegis Perfect Fit Sleeves are thin but have better structural rigidity, which I like. Because this rigidity gives me the ability to sleeve up my cards fast.

Once we sleeved the card for the test, we noticed something interesting. Remember, both are perfect-fit sleeves – with the exact dimensions of 64 x 89mm. But for some odd reason, we have a little bit of a wiggle room with the Aegis Perfect Fit Sleeves. Does this affect when you use a standard sleeve? Not at all. Our cards looked good and they were well protected. The only part where the Dragon Shield sleeves, we own is that it is resealable with no glue – so you can protect it all around without the card slipping out of the perfect sleeve.

If you like how KMC inner sleeves work, then you won’t have issues with the Aegis Perfect Fit Sleeves. They are good. As for the pricing, it’s priced at SGD 4.50 (which converts to RM 14.4 – based on x3.2), whereas KMC Perfect Inner Sleeves are priced at RM 15 and Dragon Shield Resealable Inner Sleeves are RM 25, making it the most expensive ones among the bunch.

Aegis Flexi Guard

Initially, we didn’t want to check this out but since we bought it, why not. So, after playing a long while of whatever TCG that is, you will have a pile of cards that needs organizing.

For this, you can use any archival boxes available – even Aegis have their own, but unfortunately, we didn’t purchase that. But we have other boxes. I personally organize my library based on colours. To divide them, I used the extra cards included and with the help of a label maker, I organized them.

But this is the definition of Organized chaos. It’s organized but my chaotic part is using MTG cards to keep the cards apart. So, eliminating the “chaos” comes at a cost – and that’s where the Aegis Flexi Guard comes into play. These cards are foldable and have writable tabs, both vertically and horizontally. It’s made from plastic – so, it’s easy to use and gets things organized in no time.

We aren’t sure but we believe it comes in two colours: White, which we have here and Black. The best part, these come in a pack of 10. We bought this for SGD 6, but it’s not listed on their site. We will let you know when we have more information on its availability.


There are many more products from Aegis TCG Accessories we have not checked but we bought what we could with our converted SGD from our crippling MYR. Maybe when the time comes, we will – because they make Standard Sleeves and even Deck Boxes, but that’s for another day. But at the moment, we are impressed with the accessories available, and my favourite has to be the Aegis Mini Snap Guard. The biggest challenge to getting Aegis TCG Accessories here in Malaysia is that it can be a challenge to hunt them via Online Stores.

But there are some popular stores that carry their products – Cards & Hobbies, Invictus Forge, and The Weatherlight Enterprise, to name a few. You can check out the list of resellers by clicking here. But for what it’s worth if you plan to get any of the Aegis TCG Accessories, we checked out here – you won’t be disappointed. Check out their socials by clicking here.

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