Keyboards are without a doubt, becoming more and more popular and high-end keyboards sure do bring luxury to the table. One keyboard that caught my attention at Computex 2023 happens to be the Wizmax Calux Mechanical Keyboard which just, exuberates luxury in its build quality – and given that Wizmax is planning to enter the Malaysian Market, this is one to keep an eye on.

Computex 2023 Wizmax Calux Mechanical Keyboard

Computex 2023 Wizmax Calux Mechanical Keyboard

The Wizmax Calux is positioned as a high-end keyboard due to the choice of material it uses and it does feel like a premium keyboard. Made out of a solid block of metal, the keyboard has a nice heft and even looks pretty beautiful. I will say that the design is going to be an acquired taste, but for what it’s worth – it sure does have a premium industrial look going on.

Under these keys, the Wizmax Calux features Gateron Low profile switches and these aren’t soldered to the board. In fact, you can hot-swap it for other low-profile switches that may suit your preference. We tried the Gateron Red Low Profile at the event and it does have a nice keyboard typing experience. Now, the keys hover because it has a skeleton-like frame design going on, similar to what Logitech low-profile keyboards have and once again, I like it however if you aren’t a fan of it, it might not jive well with you.

The keyboard comes in two different frame colours – a silver metal finish and a bronze or rose gold finish. The keycap colours vary according to the keyboard you choose. The Bronze finish has black keycaps and some accented Olive Green and Burgundy keys for the enter, spacebar, escape and the top right corner.

Connectivity-wise, this keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0 with up to three device connectivity, so you can switch between pretty quickly, followed by a 2.4G Wireless connectivity and wired USB-C connection.

Now the wired connection is interesting as the keyboard has not one but two USB-C ports – so, there’s a good chance that you could use either port to manage your wire situation on your desk, which is well thought out.

It does have a 3500mAh battery which we didn’t get much information as to how long it lasts but with the LED turned on, which is a white colour and no RGB, it shouldn’t consume too much battery life. And hey, Mac users rejoice, because this keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The keyboard does come with a nice wrist rest and a leatherette pouch which sets the keyboard apart from many other generic keyboards.

We didn’t get any news on the pricing and availability for the Wizmax Calux. However, the rep did mention that they are entering the Malaysian market via Lazada very soon. So, all we can do is wait and see. But in the meantime, when we get the chance to review it, you will hear from us. So, stay tuned for that.

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