Magic: The Gathering (MTG) fans and Lord of the Rings (LOTR) enthusiasts unite! A new and exciting collaboration has emerged, fresh after the most recent set that concludes the Phyrexian storyline with March of The Machine Aftermath. Bringing the rich lore and iconic characters of Middle Earth into the beloved trading card game. Brace yourselves for the LOTR Tales of Middle Earth MTG set, which introduces a fresh take on the visuals, characters, and a new mechanic (among other returning ones), offering players an immersive experience into the realm of Middle Earth.

Lord of The Rings Tales of Middle-Earth Magic The Gathering Set

Art Galore

Lord of The Ring MTG Battle of The Pelennor Fields

Prepare to be captivated by the stunning artwork in the LOTR Tales of Middle Earth MTG set. This new version of the game brings forth a visually enhanced representation of LOTR character cards. The set includes both normal/standard versions and showcases pivotal events in the characters’ lives.

Witness the transformation of figures like Sauron, evolving from the Necromancer to the Dark Lord and ultimately becoming the Lidless Eye. Gandalf’s journey is also depicted, from the humble Grey Wizard to the All-Powerful White Wizard. This set also featured large scene battles of which the one featured above in the Battle of The Pelennor Fields though there was a slight errata that happened when information about one card used in the scene was wrongly attributed.

Collectability and Variation

Lord Of The Ring MTG Nazghul

The Lord Of The Rings set seeks to increase collectability by featuring various art versions for specific card types. For instance, the notorious Nazgul, the nine fallen Kings of Men who became the Ringwraiths, are portrayed through nine different artworks, each representing a unique character. Additionally, the powerful Sol Ring, a central artifact in the game, showcases three distinct art versions, symbolizing the rings of power granted to Elves, Dwarves, and Men.

Commander Decks Precon Decks

To enhance gameplay and offer diverse strategies, the Lord Of The Rings – Tales of Middle Earth MTG set introduces four preconstructed Commander Decks, each centered around iconic characters and themes from the LOTR universe.

Riders of Rohan | Commander: Eowyn Shieldmaiden | Colours: Blue, Red, White

This deck combines the forces of Gondor and Rohan, allowing players to overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers. Join Eowyn and her allies as they charge into battle, unleashing a relentless beatdown strategy.

Food and Fellowship | Commander: Frodo Adventurous Hobbit | Colours: White, Black, Green

Focused on the food token mechanic, this deck revolves around Frodo’s journey and the strength of friendship. Gain an advantage by utilizing Frodo as the Ring Bearer, employing his ability to generate food tokens while navigating the perilous quest.

Elven Council | Commander: Galadriel Elven-Queen | Colours: Green and Blue

The Elven Council deck combines the grace and wisdom of Elves with the power of Wizards. Emphasizing diplomacy and negotiation, players can sway the game’s outcome by relying on the votes from fellow participants.

Hosts of Mordor | Commander: Sauron Lord of The Rings | Colours: Blue, Black, Red

Returning creatures from the graveyard mechanic take center stage in this deck, under the leadership of the menacing Sauron. Harness the dark forces of Mordor as you resurrect fallen minions and unleash their devastating effects.

New Mechanics (and returning ones!)

The Lord Of The Rings – Tales of Middle Earth MTG set introduces new intriguing mechanics that add depth and excitement to the gameplay. As of current only 2 mechanics were featured in official debut video. Expect there to be more interesting mechanics to incorporate the theme of LOTR.

The Ring Tempts You
A LOTR-specific mechanic

Lord of The Rings MTG The Ring Tempts You

“The Ring Tempts You,” embodies the allure and corruption of the One Ring. The Emblem of The One Ring bestows a set of four progressive abilities upon the player each time they succumb to its temptation. As the ring tempts you, you must select a creature to become the ring bearer, granting the ring one of its abilities. Fascinatingly, the ring can continue to tempt you even if you have no creatures, still gaining its abilities and leaving you with difficult choices to make.

A returning mechanic

Lord of The Rings MTG Amass Orcs

“Amass” allows players to build armies of a specific type, represented by +1/+1 counters on a token army card. Unleash the might of your forces and overpower your adversaries in epic battles for supremacy.

The One Ring, of Course

So, if you know – there’s that One Ring card, a one-out-of-one card which is hidden in some Collector Booster pack – which now has a pretty huge bounty on it (2 million Euros to be exact). But if you are not eyeing for that, well, you can always hunt for the bundle alt-art, Extended or normal version.

For the Love of… More Art

If you are planning to get the Lord of The Rings Tales of Middle-Earth Magic The Gathering Set for it’s art – well then, you are in for a treat. Everything you see has gone through a new coat of paint, including the Commander Decks which has reprints with new art.

The bundle is the only one to carry the Borderless Scene Card which in my opinion is pretty beautiful.

And not to forget, the Showcase Ring Treatment Cards are worth getting because of how it embraces the Extended Art with the Ring design around it.


The Lord Of The Rings – Tales of Middle Earth MTG set offers a thrilling convergence of two beloved franchises, giving fans the chance to immerse themselves in the epic narratives of Middle Earth within the dynamic realm of Magic: The Gathering. With visually stunning cards, diverse character versions, collectible art, and engaging new mechanics, this set promises an unforgettable experience for both MTG enthusiasts and LOTR aficionados alike.

There are some creative freedom (of interpretation) that was taken here especially in regards to the main character *ahem* and other leading strong ladies (Eowyn being my bias). But personally I don’t mind it. Some in the community do have some opinions about it and it will continue to be divisive. What are your thoughts on the creative liberties taken to interpret beloved character from Tolkien’s Magnum Opus? Let us know in the comments or on our socials – FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Note: This article will be updated as more details are available. Watch this space!