The last bag we reviewed here was the ROG Ranger BP2701 Gaming Backpack – which you can read about it by clicking here. But since then we are checking out more bags. Currently, the trend of carrying a tote has now become a norm and everyone carries one. But due to its limited compartment, you can’t carry much. Peak Design does have an Everyday Tote which is one pretty good-looking bag, however, the price is definitely going to scare people away. We found a more affordable and impressive alternative. That’s the Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag.

We have been using it for a good month or so and we are finally ready to share our review on it.

Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag Review | Lihit Lab A-7751 Tool Bag Review

Design and Build

Let’s get this out of the way: For starters, the Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag is also known as the Lihit Lab A-7751 Tool Bag. We are specifically mentioning this because the Tool Bag comes in two different dimensions: Vertical and Horizontal. Now this is definitely going to get a lot of head turns because the majority of the bag manufacturers would stick to one dimension, solely to save cost in some way. Here we have the option to choose which suits your personal preference. I went for the Vertical type, as it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag Review | Lihit Lab A-7751 Tool Bag Review

The design of this bag falls more in the simple and minimalistic category. It has certain design cues that you would find in a Timbuk backpack. But it does elevate from there. Now you have the Lite version which has no exterior compartment and there’s this Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag – which has exterior compartments to store all of your smaller stuff.

What I do love about the back is how it is lined with a softer, microfiber-like material inside which will protect your phones, accessories, whatever really. So, worry not about any of those micro scratches when you place them inside.

On the outside, the bag is made out of Cordura Fabric – we can’t quite pinpoint which exact Cordura Fabric it uses. However, Cordura goes synonymous with durability and its intense resistance to wear and tear. So, this bag can handle some harsh situations. But since it doesn’t have a flap to cover the mini compartments, you might wanna be careful when you use it in a crowded area and under harsh weather conditions – more specifically rain.

The structure of the bag is pretty rigid and has not lost its shape since the day we started using it. The bottom of the bigger compartment in the bag uses a thin plastic board to reinforce the bag and avoid collapsing – so when you open the package, don’t throw that plastic board away. Not to forget, the bag comes in three colours – Black, Navy Blue and Olive Green, which is the colour you see here.


Moving on to the compartments of the Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag, we have two wide-shaped compartments on one side and three equally-shaped compartments on the other side. On the top of the bag, you have one huge compartment to chuck in the majority of your things.

To close the main compartment securely, it uses Segma Snaps and if you have too many things and want a better cover, there is an extension cover with the same Segma snaps, which you can use to cover it well.

Finally, around the bag, you have these little holders all around the bag’s top area where you can store your pens, sunglasses, prescription glasses and so on for quick access.


Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag Review | Lihit Lab A-7751 Tool Bag Review

The Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag is designed with one handle – so, essentially it works similarly to any kind of tote bag and even handbag for that matter. The handles are long enough to be very versatile – so, you could either hang it from your shoulders and hold it in your hands hold it like a briefcase.

It’s definitely nice and easy to hold in the hands as the way they have stitched and designed the handle, doesn’t dig or cause cuts in your hands. So far, carrying it by hanging it on my shoulders has been okay – granted I don’t have too many things inside the bag.

What Can It Fit?

So, I used the Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag as my daily bag, in fact, I still do use it because of how quickly accessible it is in a rushed environment. The compartments on the outside – I store my wallet, Business Card holder, earbuds, phones, hand sanitiser, power bank, USB Cables and my ID Tag. In the main compartment is where my Kokuyo Bizrack Laptop pouch that contains my laptop and iPad Air inside.

Following that, I have a little case that holds some of the stationery I use with my planner and depending on where I go, my Sony A7III with an extra lens goes into the bag. But that only happens when I go to events.

Day-to-Day Experience

On our last day of Computex 2023, I went to TSUTAYA Bookstore at Nangang to check some things out and that’s where I saw this bag. With the help of a friend (Thanks, Sebastian), I made my decision to get the Vertical type Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag. The sole reason for this is to eliminate that “Sorry, I accidentally hit you with my bag” conversation in public transport, and public spaces – which it did well at.

Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag Review | Lihit Lab A-7751 Tool Bag Review

My day-to-day experience with this bag has been pretty fruitful, given that I have brought this to more places than ever. For one, the quick access the bag offers where you can quickly reach your wallet, phones and other miscellaneous things was an absolute timesaver. The structural rigidity of this bag did help a lot with the organizability aspect of things. So, if you happen to have OCD – there’s a good chance you’d want a bag that allows you to manage your space and it helped.

Another aspect of the bag that I did enjoy is how well snug things stay inside those compartments. There were times I thought I lost something, only to realize that it is actually inside the compartment in a secure area. For the most part, carrying the bag around with the aforementioned things has been good and I had no inconvenience whatsoever. And trust me when I say this. The exterior compartment definitely saves a lot of the main compartment space to store other things along the way.

So, taking an impromptu trip to the grocery store and the odds of having some space is good. But just be careful. While the bag can withstand the weight, the heavier it is, it does becomes inconvenient. So, the best option to work around this is carrying a cloth tote bag inside your Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag – so that way you could store your quick grocery runs in that instead.

Holding this bag in my hands was pretty a-okay and the quick motion to switch between both left and right-hand does keep the hands a whole lot less taxing. But doing everything and more with this bag over a simple tote bag with limited space and the dimensions it comes in, is a breath of fresh air.

Oh, and get ready for the amount of attention the bag gets because among every bag I have used so far, this bag sure does get quite the eye – and occasionally, more compliments not just about the bag but your taste too.

If you do want something with a sling bag strap, Lihit Lab Altna Stand Bag is the one to go for, however, it uses zipper compartments on the sides which might offer limited space but with thoughtfully designed interior compartments. But yes, it does look generic, I will admit.


Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag (or Lihit Lab A-7751 Tool Bag) is a very nimble and functional bag that does get a bunch of things right. The brand does want to make products that fit the “Smart Work Scene” – and in our case, it sure does that and I am very happy with the purchase I did in Taiwan. So, as for the pricing, I paid 1680 NTD$ which roughly converts to MYR 250 which is relatively alright. Since it’s a Japanese brand, the price for this bag is at ¥3980 and that’s MYR 130 which is an absolute steal.

We did try to find this bag locally but unfortunately, we didn’t come across any. While it is going to be a challenge to get it locally, you can purchase it through Amazon Japan for a whole lot cheaper. With the shipping, it does come to about RM 200 approx. – which honestly, is a better deal than what we spent for. But either way, I have no regrets about purchasing this bag and it will remain as one of my two go-to bags.

Thanks to our wallet which helped us get this Lihit Lab Altna Tool Bag for this review to happen. We purchased this bag at TSUTAYA Bookstore in Nangang, Taiwan. If you want to see us do more independent content like this, do help us by getting us a Coffee.

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