Sharp Malaysia Smart Working Life Solutions Ecosystem

Sharp has been synonymous with home appliances for a very long time and they are now venturing into setting up the Sharp Malaysia Smart Working Life Solutions Ecosystem in ASEAN countries, which Malaysia is one of the first to get the taste of it. That said, here’s everything you need to know about how they are going to spruce up the work space.

Sharp Malaysia Smart Working Life Solutions Ecosystem

sharp Malaysia

This particular setup happens to be their first ever SMART working life solutions ecosystem showroom in ASEAN – as this also happens to be a massive milestone for the brand themselves as it represents their significant commitment that deals with the challenges for modern professionals. That said, the entire Sharp Malaysia Smart Working Life Solutions Ecosystem we see here has various areas, namely 6: SMART Security, SMART Link, SMART Comfort, SMART Health and SMART Communication. Let us elaborate on it further:

  • SMART Health focuses on bringing a healthy environment for employees and this is where the SHARP Air Purifier with Plasmacluster Ion technology shines with its ability to utilize safe ions found in nature to improve indoor air quality.
  • SMART Link is all about connectivity and mobility (think cloud), to streamline the entire work process and have a more productive, seamless experience. The SHARP Multifunction Printers play a vital role in connecting the whole space to their MFPs, therefore making life easier for printing, copying and scanning documents and so on.
  • SMART Communication focuses on improving engagement and making things intuitive and collaborative in the boardroom. This is where the SHARP Interactive Whiteboard steps in with the ability to draw, annotate, share documents and make collaboration a whole lot easier.
  • SMART Comfort, just like the name suggests is all about comfort. So, it’s more about the environment everyone works in. Intelligent switches and a range of appliances from SHARP will play a vital role in making the work environment conducive to be in.
  • SMART Control addresses the environmental sustainability and cost efficiency that optimizes the office spaces further.
  • Last but not least, SMART Security is all about making the space secure in every way possible so that there’s a safe space to work from.

Now, it isn’t just a SHARP-only effort…

We do see other brands that are working together with SHARP to achieve the aforementioned SMART environment for workspaces. Some of them are TimeTec with security solutions, ASUS Malaysia with their Expertbook Series laptop, and EVIS with comfortable and ergonomic chairs and tables – to name a few.

Now there’s no information if it’s open for the public to experience this space since it’s more of a B2B solution but if there’s any – expect us to talk about it. Better yet, stay tuned to our socials where we will post about the Sharp Smart Working Life Solutions Ecosystem.

Update: The Sharp Smart Working Life Solutions Ecosystem happens to be a B2B event after all, and it will be based at SHARP Malaysia in Shah Alam. However, it’s not a walk-in experiential setup. Interested businesses can fix an appointment with the brand to see how they can elevate the experience. 

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