Dreame Malaysia’s presence has been expanding on a good note with more products to choose from. They have finally announced their new flagship Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra which isn’t like any other Robot Vacuum cleaner they have made. In fact, it goes a few steps further from some of the existing robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra Malaysia

Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra Malaysia

The Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra happens to be the first robotic vacuum cleaner to feature technologies such as Mop Extend which allows you to move the mop all the way outwards, which means it does a better job in cleaning the edges a whole lot better.

Following that, the mop itself uses a new Duo Scrub system which uses two high-speed rotary mops that scrub the floor very well for a squeaky and shiny floor. On top of that, the auto lift ability moves the mopping pads up a certain level, giving the vacuum to clean easily and not be an obstruction to other objects such as mats etc.,

That said, the Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra itself has some impressive tech under the hood: for one, the suction power is at an all-time high, hitting 7000 Pa – it’s called the Vormax Suction System. The Pathfinder AI Action and 3D Obstacle Avoidance relies on an advanced LIDAR system with Laser distance detection that has the potential to map accurately and avoid up to 55 obstacles, and with the light, cleaning in the dark is no issue either.

What really sets the Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra apart from the rest is the Charging station which does more than anything we have seen so far. For one, the base station can collect up to 75 days’ worth of dust via the 3.2L dust bag, and the mop can be hot-air dried.

It does have a manual water tank that refills the Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra with clean water and disposes of the dirty water into another tank. But with the Smart Water Kit which is sold as a separate bundle, you can finally set up an automated system with a proper water tank and pump system to deal with auto refills and drain the dirty water with no issues whatsoever. Despite needing plumbing to make it work, it is heading in the right direction for a more automated cleaning solution.

Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra Pricing and Availability

The Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra comes in two different configurations: without the Smart Water Kit which goes for RM 4,999 and with the Smart Water Kit which goes for RM 5,999. However, if you were to purchase the Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra right not till the 9th of September 2023 – you can purchase it at RM 4499 and 5499 respectively. On top of that, consumers will be entitled to a Free Dreame Gleam Hair Dryer in either Grey or Pink colour worth RM 599.

Click here to get your hands on the new Dreame DreameBot L20 Ultra.

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