Z Flip 5 Camera Review

In our review, if you have not read it – you can do so by clicking here, We mentioned how the Z Flip 5 has a lot of the same hardware as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 which comes off as no surprise. However, there’s more to it than it meets the eye – which is why in this Z Flip 5 Camera Review, we are going to dive a lot deeper into it.

Z Flip 5 Camera Review

It’s the Same Sensors as the Z Flip 5

Z Flip 5 Camera Review

Let’s address the camera configuration. On the back, we have two 12MP shooters with the normal sensor rocking an aperture of f/1.8 and the Ultrawide sensor rocking f/2.2. Both the cameras have OIS, and AF – basically what you’d expect from a proper flagship camera. We have seen this hardware in the Z Flip 4 and it performed alright. But does that mean the experience is the same here? Nope.

There’s more to it…

Computational Denoising of Images

This time around, Samsung’s Computational Photography element does some proper fixes which has always been a hit-and-miss with their older smartphones. The Z Flip 5 by no means has a zoom camera, however, it does have an x10 digital zoom. When you do punch in and take some pictures, it then denoises the images and enhances the area with details we notice irl. It does take a good few seconds for it to do the logical processing to get it right – but once it does, it’s hard to tell that the image came from a digital zoomed camera (granted, if you don’t pixel peep).

The Ultrawide camera correction is a lot better

Implementing an Ultrawide camera is one thing, but making software to correct the warping is absolutely crucial. The f/2.2 12MP shooter does a nice job at capturing bright elements and shadows in the right way possible. Of course, since it’s a Samsung phone, you get that punchy vibrance like no other phone. Interestingly, there is a little bit of vignetting going on in low-light settings.

A Proper Second View to see if everything is right

Forget about the front-facing camera that you can find inside the main display which is a little too useless due to the UTG glass which makes the lens foggy all the time. With the help of the cover display, you can take advantage of the main shooters for the better – and hey, we got some great pictures with our friends.

The Ultrawide makes up for a lot of Creative Ideas

Enjoy taking POV shots, symmetry and so on with the ultrawide camera because unlike a Telephoto camera, which limits in some way, Ultrawide cameras excel in bringing out the best kinds of action shots possible. We have tried some which you can take a look at below.

All the Pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

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