It’s been a little over a year since we started covering Magic: The Gathering and we began our journey into it with none other than the Commander Format, also known as EDH. Sheldon Menery, Godfather of MTG Commander – who is the reason why the format we play today is extremely popular among the community – passed away on the 8th of September 2023.

Godfather of MTG Commander Sheldon Menery Passed Away

If you aren’t aware, Sheldon Menery is and has been an amazing person who played a big role in creating and developing Magic: The Gathering’s Commander and was also the founding member of the Commander Rules Committee. His efforts and every bit of blood, sweat and tears spent making the format popular today, is the reason why we see Commander being played everywhere and anywhere.

Not just that, he was a Level 5 competitive Magic Judge who then retired in 2011, to focus on content creation and also is a prolific writer, sharing his expertise and insights through his content. There’s a reason why this hits hard for every player all over the world he did change Magic’s landscape to an extent.

It definitely hits harder for me personally due to the fact that the Commander format was my gateway to Magic and I have made great friends and met amazing figures in the TCG community. Sheldon Menery passed away on Friday morning, by his wife Gretchyn Melde (as reported by Polygon.)

Our heart goes out to the family and may Sheldon Menery rest in peace. He may not be around but his legacy will live on every time we play Commander, through Commander Rules Committee and Magic: The Gathering.

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