• Well built from the ground up
  • Breathable Material Choices and better long term use experience
  • Adjustability is as fine as it can get
  • Basically a Tailor-made chair tweaked to your physical attributes
  • A Very good Investment as a Furniture for years to come


  • But it's understandable that it can be a bit pricey for many (even cost as much as a person's average salary)

Since the pandemic, consumers have been amping up their work setup at home for better comfort and one of the biggest purchases happens to be a good chair. But in the sea of chairs, there’s the ergonomic chair – which takes comfort to the ultimate level. And there are only a handful number of them that can qualify for one (no, SecretLab and most Gaming Chairs are not Ergo Chairs). We are talking about Herman Miller and so on. There is one brand in our midst, that seems to take Ergonomic Chairs seriously and that’s the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair (one of the two that they offer). We have been using this for 9 months and we have a lot to share – but for now, let us talk about this chair in this review.

ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair Review In-Depth

Looks, Material and Finish

The ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair looks like any typical office chair at a glance from afar. Once you look closely at it – you will notice that it has some contraptions here and there that make it look a little sophisticated. The chair has some interesting choices of materials used all over for the right reasons and this is already going in the right direction. For one, the entire chair where you sit and lie your back is made out of mesh based on Nylon material. While users may be a little sceptical – Nylon does have a good reputation for durability, longevity and wear and tear.

Most exceptional ergonomic chairs do opt for nylon mesh for a few other important factors: breathability, the ability to adapt to different body shapes and still retain its original form. You can say that the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair has some impressive design choices going with the materials they have chosen for this chair. They did include this mesh cover for the headrest and seat – to protect from stains and maybe add a little bit more cushioning, which is decent.

Continuing our talk on the material comes the frame – which comes in two different options: the one we received from ErgoWorks is the Nylon and Polycarbonate frame with PU Castor. The chair still has a nice weight of around 23kg, feels well put together and of course, has a little wiggle room which most chairs have anyway. But the other model they have in store (but appears to be Out of stock for a while) is the Aluminium Base which, I believe is pricier.

But from a durability perspective, would be a little better than Nylon. For instance, Herman Miller Aeron Stool uses polycarbonate with aluminium as a support at certain areas which – hey again, works very well – and it’s the same formula we see with the chair we have at hand.

Finally, the PU Castors are alright – when you don’t sit on the chair, it moves easily and once you sit on the chair, the weight of the body locks the wheels from rolling and giving a fixed position to your table. This is fantastic, especially for users who plan to use this chair on laminated or tile-based floors.

Features and Support

Let’s talk about the features of the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair because it has a few.

The first one is, Customizable Ergonomics and Adjustability, because unlike most “pseudo-ergonomic chairs disguised as gaming chairs”, ErgoWorks put in the effort 3 years to engineer this chair to be as perfect as it can get. You can adjust the chair as accurately as possible to your physique and height.

As I mentioned earlier, this chair can handle different body shapes. Granted now I do have a pear-shaped abdomen, but the chair does have a nice area for my glutes, thighs and waists – and not feel as if the chair is squeezing me. On top of that, it has some adjustable features – the height of the backrest to your height, depth adjustments to the seat and armrest position (it even goes 360 degrees).

Secondly, Advanced Lumbar Support. In most cases, the majority of these chair manufacturers would give you a cushion and call it Lumbar support, when in reality it does not have any benefits – which we will dive into another content soon. But, the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair’s Lumbar support has a very targeted support to the lower back, which prevents you from slouching and relieving strains for prolonged use.


I switched from the IKEA BLECKBERGET to the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair. Comparing these two chairs, well it’s sacrilegious. However, it matters because most consumers will be upgrading from such chairs to ergonomic ones for a long while later. For the most part, the IKEA BLECKBERGET served me very well and it still does – which I do use for other purposes.

However, one thing I wasn’t a fan of: it’s the lack of long-term comfort. Before the IKEA Chair, I used a Gaming Ergonomic Chair, which didn’t last very long and had no proper support for long-duration use case situations.

Now, over 9 months, I have been using the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair has been my go-to chair for both work and play, paired with a good desk from BALAKS, specifically the Meja Neo. In the 9 months, I have noticed a lot of changes and improvements that do affect me from a QOL standpoint. Let’s go from bottom to top.

The PU Castor wheels are great – they have good rollability when you are not seated and lock into place once you sit – which is pretty good as you wouldn’t want the chair to slide away from the table from simple movements. But sometimes it does get a little frustrating when you sit and move yourself closer to the table. But these are pretty good wheels, no doubt about that. I am happy to report that it doesn’t slide around on laminated floors.

When it comes to the seat adjustments, there are 5 adjustment settings – the one on your left is the reclining feature and the lock for it whereas the one on the right, there are three controls: one to adjust the height of the chair, one for the seat position (sliding it forward/backwards) and a lever and finally, a big lever for the tilt angle of the seat. In my case, I do slide the seat outwards as it gives me a better position to sit in with room for my glutes and thighs. The height varies according to my desk height, but at the highest, I have a nice angle where my foot lies flat on the ground easily. The tilt of the seat I’ve opted in for is rather flat – as I like to sit tall on my chair.

The Incline of this chair – it can go a nice angle, from approx. 90 degrees to 75 with the seat lifting too. One thing about a heavy body like myself where I weigh around 98 kg, is it’s easy for these chairs to tip when laid back – but with the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair, it does give a sense of security when you lay back and as the whole pushing your body to make sure the chair leans back isn’t too rigid, you don’t have to make a lot of effort and its nice. Once you lock it in, you are safe. I’ve had moments where I have tipped over and fell in other chairs but so far not this one, which is good.

And then we go to the backrest, which has its adjustments – for one you can adjust the height of it by just lifting it and this is amazing as the chair is not a one-size-fits-all, and you are truly getting one to fit your posture.

The headrest is the other adjustable part which you can make protrude and adjust its height. The beautiful thing about the back adjustment is that, for the first time, I have felt the lumbar support falling in my lumbar area – which is something I cannot say for most other chairs. Honestly, this is how good lumbar support should be. The headrest is very comfortable – I made minimal changes to it, I pushed it back flat and kept it at an optimal height.

Finally, we have armrests that can go 360 degrees and the heights can be adjusted. So, I can move these however I want depending on what I am doing.

All these adjustments are proper fine adjustments and when it comes to a good ergonomic chair, it should adapt to your condition and not the other way around. A normal spine has a slight curve on the lumbar area – when you look from sideways, and it fits. Combined with the material you see here, it’s safe to say that people with Scoliosis can have a nice experience as the mesh can adapt to their backs well. But again this isn’t a way to correct your scoliosis – Speak to your medical representative about that.

The thing I enjoy about this chair is that, given the nature of my work, I do stay seated for long hours and I do get up and walk for a bit. However, when I do have to stay hyperfocused on my task as I work on something – the thought about the chair just fades away and sitting in the right position feels effortless as it’s configured exactly the way I want it to be.

Is it Truly Perfect?

Well, for the most part, it is – at least for the past 9 months I’ve been, it has served me well and there have been no major issues nor minor ones. But if I do run into any, ErgoWork has some impressive Warranty policy: 3 years for Upholstery, 5 years for Mechanism and 12 years for Structure. This is as on par as the likes of Herman Miller for instance.

Even the weight load of this chair is pretty good at 150kg. What makes it much more unique and close to tailor-made, is the dimensions it comes in. ErgoWorks sells three different variations based on height: 150-165cm, 165-180cm and 180cm and above. This sets the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair, a truly perfect chair to get for yourself because it is spec-ed to your physique.

Conclusion | The RM 4000 Price Tag is Justifiable

ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair Review

A piece of good furniture is an investment and one that benefits your health in the long term. ErgoWorks did go above and beyond in designing this chair in ways we did not expect at all. While some parts of their instructions remained unclear to understand their chair (which is one they should fix), the ErgoWorks Truly Perfect Chair just might be perfect after all. I have been pretty happy for the past 9 months and it’s safe to say that this chair will be with me even after I’ve finished my master’s as a specialist in the Medical Industry. It truly is a benchmark for a good Ergonomic Chair – and for that we give the Vesper Choice Awards.

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