Samsung Bespoke series is worth the attention it gets, it’s beautiful and most importantly, still serves the function that it comes with. This time around their Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus series brings the all-in-one clean station in a form that would go well with your home setup.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus

Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus Malaysia

Just like any other cordless portable vacuum cleaner, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus has all the features you’d expect from a product like such. Rated at a suction power of 210W, the Digital Inverter Motor it uses is 47% lighter, rotates at 135,000rpm, and has an input power of 580W. Internally, the motor emulates a “cyclone” like suction power, which they call the Jet Cyclone – for better efficiency in sucking the particle and not having any loss of suction.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus Malaysia

With the 99.999% Multi-layered filtration system, it properly catches all the fine dust with a micro filter and the main grille catches the large dust particles. Worry not, as the air that comes out on the top is clean as well. The battery pack it uses comes with up to 1 hour cleaning time, takes about 3.5 hours to charge, and has 2 years of warranty to avoid any issues. And they are proud of maintaining a battery life capacity of up to 70% with 500 cycles of charging.

The entire length of the pipe can be extended and since it’s light, you can reach every nook and cranny in your office. Checking if the vacuum requires maintenance and so on, you can see it via the LCD digital Display. And finally, all the parts are fully washable.

Other than that, it does come with all the accessories, to capture pet hair and other tools such as the Crevice Tool, Combination Tool, and Flex Tool. It also can do wet mopping, while it’s not full-on wet – it does use a spray mechanism to somewhat be a wet mop with the help of the Spray Spinning Sweeper.

Finally, the most important thing – the Bespoke Jet Plus attaches to the All in one Clean Station which sure does look Bespoke.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus Malaysia Price

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus price varies according to the model you opt-in for and we have listed it below:

  • RM 4599 – Bespoke Jet Plus Premium Extra 210W All-in-One Clean Station (Green)
  • RM 4199 – Bespoke Jet Plus Premium 210W All-in-One Clean Station (Blue)
  • RM 3899 – Bespoke Jet Plus Pet 210W All-in-One Clean Station (White)

To check out the difference, you can take a look below. But that said, there is a discounted price promotion that’s happening till 30th April 2024, where you can own the following Bespoke Jet Plus Vacuums with RM 600 off, and get a 2+3 years warranty and RM 200 Touch n’ Go eWallet worth RM 200 Via the redemption portal. This is a limited-time discount and offer, which will be available till 30th April 2024. Click here to own yours now.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus Malaysia

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