Other than the usual go-to for audios, it’s safe to say that there are some hidden gems in the market – adding what would entice their consumers. Tivoli Audio isn’t exactly a new brand but the Boston company established in 2000, is setting its steps into Malaysia for the first time with its arsenal of products catered for the digital age with looks that take you back in time (even if you weren’t born in those eras, sorry Gen Z).

Tivoli Audio Malaysia


Tivoli Audio Malaysia is finally happening their online stores are up and running for you to purchase their offerings. But that said, this is their first foray into the Malaysian market with their lineup of products that is nice to look at and performs up to today’s standards.

So, if you rely mostly on your streaming platforms for your music, they have options for those too. Or if you plan to get a speaker with support for Bluetooth and other legacy ports, they have those as well. But that said, the brand has unveiled 7 products where we’ll give the highlights and how much they cost.

Tivoli Audio PAL BT

Tivoli Audio PAL BT

The Tivoli Audio PAL BT is the entry speaker into their world and it does look like those 2.1 speakers we used to connect to your PCs back in the early 2000s. But that said, the speaker dwells in an analogue world with analogue controls on them – with three knobs, one to switch modes (AM, FM and Bluetooth), one for volume and the big one on the top for AM/FM tuning.

Tivoli Audio PAL BT Speaker Input

On the back, the speaker tucks away a 3.5mm Aux In and a Headphone Out (Not the type of port you’d find in such speakers), and of course, the 9V barrel connector to charge the speaker, as it can last upto 12 hours with its built-in battery, which also can be replaceable. Speaking of modern connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.0 and the sound is heard from a mono-firing speaker.

The Tivoli Audio PAL BT is priced at RM 1,199. We are reviewing this as this article is up, so, stay tuned to us if you are keen on owning one.

Tivoli Audio SongBook and SongBook MAX

tivoli audio songbook

Tivoli Audio SongBook looks like a modern take on a Boombox because it looks exactly like one. They call it the powerhouse and the speaker is pretty amped up, quite literally. Under the hood, it has AM/FM connectivity, Bluetooth 5.3, 6.35mm Aux Input and USB-C charging. There are physical EQ controls on the front with dials and switches to make the speaker work however you want. These speakers are in a stereo setup with proper drivers, and a subwoofer and the SongBook Max has an additional mid-range driver.

tivoli audio songbook max

What makes the SongBook and Max cooler is the built-in preamp at 110k Ohms, Line 16.4k Ohms. This means that you can drive your guitars through these speakers and honestly it’s pretty nuts. The SongBook Max has a digital interface whereas the SongBook relies on more analogue controls.

Tivoli Audio SongBook is priced at RM 2,499 and the SongBook MAX goes for RM 3,499.

Tivoli Audio Model One BT

tivoli audio model one bt

Tivoli Audio Model One BT shares more similarities with the PAL BT as it has only one driver, in mono setup and has the same controls as well – a dial for volume, one for mode switch and a big knob for AM/FM Control. The setup, however, has a more retro look, making the speaker appealing in rustic setups.

The Tivoli Audio Model One BT is priced at RM 1,099.

Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Gen 2

tivoli audio model one gen 2

Streamers rejoice as this is one of the two Digital age speakers you are looking for with proper WiFi connectivity, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Airplay and even stream whatever audio you have with the help of the built-in Chromecast. It shares the same exterior design as the Model One BT, as it is from the same lineup. On top of that, it has FM Radio support, DAB+ which is supported in select countries, a 3.5mm aux port and an Alarm Clock function too.

This one comes with a Remote control for ease of control and since it’s more of a permanent speaker setup, the Model One Digital Gen 2 doesn’t have a built-in battery to move around your house.

The Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Gen 2 is priced at RM 1,999.

Tivoli Audio Model Two Digital

tivoli audio model two digital

Tivoli Audio Model Two Digital is purely a digital-age speaker that has no display whatsoever and supports Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, QPlay and audio played over AirPlay2 and Chromecast. You do have Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5mm Aux in as well. But since it has a display-less setup going on, you have a cleaner and bespoke finish and it’s for those who just want nothing but a capable music speaker to jam to their music.

Tivoli Audio Model Two Digital goes for RM 2,299.

Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

tivoli audio model 3 BT

Finally, if you want a Model One but with an Analog clock, then you have the Tivoli Audio Model Three BT which has all the functions as the Model One BT but now it has a proper physical analogue clock on the left side, and the speaker is repositioned to fire from the top.

This Tivoli Audio Model Three BT is priced at RM 1,799.

To purchase any of these speakers, you can head over to their official Store on Lazada and Shopee.

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