Faber Malaysia’s new lineup of home appliances brings the kind of look to your kitchen that’s bespoke and even takes you back in time with its finish. Thanks to them we got to check them out and here’s our Faber Vintage Breakfast Series Review – comprising of 4 different products available in the series.

Faber Vintage Breakfast Series Review


Faber Vintage Breakfast Series

One of the biggest factors when it comes to owning a lasting home appliance is the material used. Faber went for premium-graded 304 stainless steel on all their products, to make sure it is food grade, has no toxic contaminants, and doesn’t get affected by rust or gets ruined over time. Also, all the products you see here are FDA-approved.

With that said, let’s take a look at every single product.

Faber Jug Kettle Vintage Series

Faber Jug Kettle Vintage Series

Starting with the simplest yet effective product: The Jug Kettle and for the most part most consumers would get it. For one the looks on this is pretty bespoke and clean with silver trims wherever it’s needed. While the Kettle is entirely constructed on Stainless Steel, there are bits and pieces where plastic is involved – like the water indicator on the outside and the switch to turn it on.

I do wish that the switch was a bit more in theme to the kettle like the Auto Kettle which we will check out in a bit. But otherwise, it is pretty nice looking and gets the job done as well. You do have a temperature meter attached to the kettle, which is very useful to see if you need to reheat the water or if it’s warm enough for your drinks. The spout of the kettle is made out of Stainless Steel as well, which is pretty good.

The Faber Jug Kettle turns on with the help of a dock which has electrical points to heat up. The entire base is made out of plastic and I do encourage you not to get the base wet by any chance.

Faber Auto Kettle Vintage Series

Faber Auto Kettle Vintage Series

Moving on to the Faber Auto Kettle – this does share a lot of similarities with the Jug Kettle. However, the shape and the design of this would be more in tune with the retro look and it does resemble the whistling water kettle. Has the same material used throughout the kettle: 304 Stainless Steel Wall for durability and making sure it’s up to the food grade standards. You have a temperature gauge on the outside to keep track of the water temps.

The handle is fixed to the top in that same position, which can be a little bit in the way when you try to fill water and something I wish it could be adjusted. When you do open the Faber Auto Kettle, you will realize that the inside of the water spout, it uses plastic instead of metal – now it does have a strainer attached to it, which is convenient when you want to make tea right out of the kettle. Given that it is plastic, there’s a chance that it could deteriorate over time. Something to take note of.

Faber Blender Vintage Series

Faber Blender Vintage Series

If you need a simple yet effective blender for making smoothies, juices and shakes to name a few, the Faber Blender is a good fit. Right out of the box, you only get one Glass Jug which is solid and claims to be reinforced, which sure does feel like it is. But since it only comes with one blade attached, and it only comes with the glass jar – it is probably more suitable for making juice blends than using it for other purposes. As for the rest, the motor baked right into it is capable of handling speeds upto level 2 and is adequate for common blending.

When the blender is not in use and the Glass Jug is stored away, the motor has a rubberized knob which connects to the jar’s blade to make it spin. Something to keep an eye on, especially in the long run for any significant wear and tear.

Faber Toaster Vintage Series

Faber Toaster Vintage Series

Finally, the Faber Toaster – which is my personal favourite. It looks the best among the bunch of Faber Vintage Breakfast Series we have seen. Sticking to the same looks as the others: the beige/cream body with metallic trims. The temperature dial, buttons and the toaster slider are made out of plastic housing which is alright – as long as it’s properly handled.

On the side, you do have a removable tray for cleaning the crumbs and debris – which is easy to take out and put back in. What felt weird about the toaster is how the “Faber” logo is on the same side where the wire gets tucked into. I wish that it had two cuts at the bottom to rewire however you feel like it.


All of the Faber Vintage Breakfast Series appliances are a nice addition to your home if you are looking for this specific type of aesthetic that blends well in a minimalistic or rustic setup. Despite its rich look which does mimic the likes of some renowned brands that are known for appliances like such, Faber made some design choices to make their entire lineup, truly theirs. The pricing for these appliances falls in a rather affordable price point:

  • RM 181 – Faber Auto Kettle Vintage Series FK-V218
  • RM 171 – Faber Toaster Vintage Series FT-V8502
  • RM 181 – Faber Jug Kettle Vintage Series FCK-V217
  • RM 171 – Faber Blender Vintage Series FBG-V515

Do take note that the listed price above is based on their site’s listed SRP and there’s a good chance that you can pick these up through their Shopee store with vouchers stacked and so on.

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