One of the biggest selling points or rather a huge turning point with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series happens to be the new software-centric Galaxy AI. We did try it and we like it, but we want to share something – this is not Artificial Intelligence and let us explain in this article.

Galaxy AI

So, what is Galaxy AI then?

Galaxy AI, Advanced Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence

This is a set of features that are said to improve or give a much better experience to your use case scenario. Think of it as simplifying your tasks as much as you could, to make your life efficient. In fact, the “AI” in Galaxy AI doesn’t even stand for Artificial Intelligence. It stands for Advanced Intelligence. So, essentially what you are getting here are improved and advanced features and not artificial intelligence.

Why is the Galaxy AI, not Artificial Intelligence?

Whenever we hear the name Artificial Intelligence, we expect it to do everything (or almost everything) we ask it to do so – at least that is what the public’s perception appears to be.

However, what we are experiencing in this dawn of the AI Age is programmed reactive and limited Memory AI – which is far too different from the one we see in movies like Her, Ex Machina, Terminator and the list goes on. The ones we watch in movies are proper self-aware AI with a mind of its own that does limit itself to a certain law of AI.

In fact, the AI we see in such movies is sentient – which has the ability to think, feel and even perceive just like us humans. Skynet in Terminator, Samantha in Her, Ava from Ex Machina and even Data from Star Trek (although he’s an Android but still is sentient and has AI).

Without any of this, we don’t have Artificial Intelligence but instead, we have tools that make our lives better. Some good examples before terms like these misconstrued the meaning would be:

  • Turnitin! – A tool that checks for any plagiarism and tells you if you did or not
  • ly – A tool that helps you improve your writing skills and abilities with better grammar
  • Notion – A tool that benefits by keeping your work, life, or anything organized by inputting a certain prompt.

In fact, DALLE, Bing AI, and Chat-GPT are all models that are designed to perform a task to make life easier and they fall into a specific category of advanced intelligence systems rather than AI. In fact, Chat-GPT is a Chatbot.

So, when you have specific functions designed to perform and make life easier, they become advanced intelligence that saves your time and improves your workflow in a beneficial way. The Galaxy AI are a bunch of tools designed to work via the Cloud and natively on the phone with the help of the NPU in its processor, to get what it’s supposed to right from the get-go.

How does the Galaxy AI Work?

The Samsung Galaxy Advanced Intelligence works in 6 different use case scenarios with the Galaxy S24 Series:

  • Phone: where you can get real-time translation during voice calls.
  • Keyboard: getting your tone right, grammar corrected and translating messages
  • Interpreter: where you can have live translations while conversing
  • Samsung Notes: format, summarize, correct, translate and generate cover
  • Voice Recorder: transcribe into scripts and summaries
  • Samsung Internet: The browser where you can summarize articles and even translate
  • Photo Editor: reposition stuff and re-edit things.

This is a quick summary of where it works – and after trying them out, it actually does work.

Can I use it on my older Galaxy S Series?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series debuted with the Galaxy AI, but some devices will support it – specifically from 2023.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Series (S23, S23+ and Ultra)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

These phones support it because the processor does have an NPU, albeit a smaller one – which still allows them to use some features with limited experience. As for those who are on older series, well, you don’t have to upgrade just for the sake of experiencing it – so, you can wait. Some features are cloud-based, which would work on phones with NPUs but it’s something we can only guess. But that said, when posting this, the One UI 6.1 update gets you all the features, well, almost.

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