Hey y’all! Well, today morning we ( I and my friends, Jo & Reymondt) went for an event today at Petaling Jaya. It’s the Olympus Pen-F & M.Zuiko 300mm F4 touch and try event… Well, there was more than that. They had the OM-D EM-1 tho. One of the best camera from Olympus. It was at held somewhere in a place near Jaya Shopping Centre. Let’s not waste any time and get into what did they release and show us.


So, as we all heading to the entrance. Sorry. The event was supposed to start 9:30. But I actually came at nine. Not just me. I even made them to come at nine. Got walloped. So… ya. Anyways, we went inside, they checked for our names on the list and that’s about it. We went to the 2nd floor for the event. Secured out seat in the first row.


Okay. As the event started the Regional Manager gave a brief introduction bout’ himself and actually gave the mic to Robin. Who actually talked about the 2 Products that they had at the touch and try event.

The first one he unveiled was a M.Zuiko 300mm F4 IS PRO Len for the OM-D E-M1. As they said, it is actually one of their best Olympus lens they have ever made. Their masterpiece. Some of the interesting stuff about this is;

  • The size. It’s 1/3rd of the size of the normal 300mm we use in our DSLRs. It is actually powerful but in a small piece. Looks good. So you wont be needing a monopod or tripod. Portability on its point.
  • The IS in the name actually stands for Image Stabilization. The lens has its own image stabilization sensor. When you turn the switch on the side of it, it actually reduces the jerk or any other sudden movement on the camera and gets you that precise shot. Which is insanely stupendous. In case you didn’t know, this camera has a 5-Axis Image Stabilization. It’s a bliss.
  • Shooting close up macros is actually good with this lens
  • And If I am not mistaken, you can add a teleconverter to make it even better.  Focal length changes and An decrease in Aperture. Dope.
Here’s some shot on the lens mounted to the Olympus OM-D:
The second product they unveiled was the Olympus Pen-F. Which actually caught my attention. They call it the Masterpiece. It still maintains the old retro look of the old pen which is nice. This camera is a really good choice for street photography. This camera literally has no visible screws around it which is impressive. The only place where I could see this same built will be with Leica. Here’s some of the interesting specs of the Pen -F.
  • It has a newly developed 20MP Live MOS Sensor.
  • M.Zuiko Lenses
  • TruePic VII Image Processing engine.
  • This camera has Image Stabilization as well. The same 5-Axis tech from the OM-D is used in this camera as well. 
  • It has something called the Creative dial in the front of the camera.
    • What it actually does is you can actually what filter you want on your camera which is darn cool. There’s 4 Modes. Color, Mono, Art and Crt (Not sure what that is, I forgot).
    • Has three preset for every one of it. The first one is for us to choose what ever we want. 2 and 3 is more like intensifying if i am not mistaken.
  • Has Built in WiFi
  • Electronic flash is included in the package. So, need not worry bout it
  • Can shoot upto 60p/52 Mbps full HD Movie.

Well. as far as I know. They didn’t announce the price for it. Or may be some of us know. All I can say is let’s wait for the kit to reach our beloved Camera stores. 
Huge thanks to Olympus who actually gave us the opportunity to join for the event.
And below here, I’ve linked two of Robin’s post who actually owns the camera and have been using it for a while. So you guys can check his reviews and Photograph shots. 🙂
Alright then, so I guess that’s about it. 
Night night guys!
Catch you guys tomorrow!
Till then
This is Prithivi / Vesper
Signing off.

Links to Robin’s blogpost: