With Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ launch around the corner at Mobile World Congress 2018, there’s so many leaks online. In fact the official renders has leaked to a point that it looks legit enough. Despite all the leaks about the device, the one thing that kept us one step away was the pricing itself. We thought we’ll have to wait for Samsung to announce it. Well, guess we were wrong. It’s now on the internet, well twitter to be specific.

Pricing for Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+


The popular leakster Evan Blass shared the price tag of these devices, well at least for the European Market. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will go on sale for 841 Euros whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9+ will go for 997 Euros. That roughly converts to $1036 Dollars for the S9 and ~$1230 Dollars for the S9+. Here we thought the Note8 was expensive, but if this is the final pricing of the devices in dollars, that’s scary. Considering the fact that last year’s it was $720 for the Galaxy S8, and $850 for the S8+.

If we were to convert the price to Ringgit, it’s a lot more heart breaking. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is almost RM 5000 (RM 4800.75) and the S9 is ~ RM 4050 (RM 4049.58). If you want our honest opinion on this, well all we can say is that it’s definitely going to make our wallet cry. But don’t worry because a leak is still a leak. It’s not finalized.

What I can suggest is, brace yourself because it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Stay tuned to us because we will definitely keep you posted on what’s going to happen with Samsung here on our page and our Facebook Page. Oh and want to know more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+, click the image below!

Source: Evan Blass