Last week, Casio made it’s debut with their new lineup of Casio AiX Sound Source Digital Keyboards. These particular keyboard falls under their new CT-X lineup. We covered all about it in our previous article which talks a bit more in-depth. Earlier today, Casio invited us over to take a closer look at the keyboard and show us what it really has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at their new Casio CT-X Keyboards.

Casio CT-X Keyboard

CT-X5000 and CT-X3000



These two models happens to be their top-tier electronic Keyboard in their CT-X Keyboard. Taking a closer look at both the CT-X5000 and CT-X3000, it shares the same design. It has this grey with red accents which pops and also maintains that understated look in a whole. We have the keyboard keys in a row and right on top of it is the control panel. On the left and right side, we see it has the Speaker Driver that outputs amazing sound quality – which I will get to it in a bit. In the middle area, we have the console – a LCD display on top, followed by all the buttons – On/off, Number pad and so on. On the back of these keyboards, we have a bunch of I/Os where you can find 2 USB ports, Audio In/Out, sustain & assignable pedal jacks.

What makes this particular keyboard stand out is that they’ve opted in for a new Sound Source. It’s called the AiX Sound Source. Acoustic Intelligent Xpression produces authentic sound results. What it does is that it replicates the sound of dedicated instruments like piano, vibrant string, drums and many more, to make sure it sounds true to life as much as possible. During my time playing with it, I can tell it has improved a lot from their previous Sound Source.

With the CT-X5000 and CT-X3000, it also features a high Volume Amplifier and High Performance bass reflex speakers. With a whopping 15W+15W combination for the CT-X5000, expect this thing to sound really good in huge rooms with no hiccups. The CT-X3000 has a 6+6W speaker which sounds surprisingly loud too. It also happens to have a wide-ranging acoustic effects that takes things up a notch with their highly polished instrument tone, 100 DSP effects and algorithm.

CT-X800 and CT-X700



These two models are more of an entry level Keyboard but with a lot of capabilities. For one, they look a lot stripped down than the CT-X5000 and X3000. On both the left and right side, we have the speakers and in the middle – the console. It has a LCD Display and a straight forward control with no confusing layout. It has this grey-black finish going on, which is simple and nice. Just like the X5000 and X3000, it has 61 keys. The only difference between the 800 and the 700 is the fact that the 700 does not have a pitch bend wheel and a USB to Device port. Other than that, the rest is the same.

One thing to take note again is the Watt of the speakers – it comes with a 2.5W+2.5W configuration, making it a whole lot interesting. Yes, you can use batteries to operate this keyboard – with 6 AA batteries. These two keyboard is more for users who’s getting into keyboard for the first time. It’s more of a beginner’s keyboard.

Overall, their whole lineup is pretty promising and trying it out sure did gave an amazing experience – which I personally loved. What we have mentioned so far is more of a TL;DR version. We might dive into the AiX Sound Source even deeper (maybe a review perhaps? 🙂 ). So, stay tuned as we share more about their upcoming lineup and what they have to offer.


As for the pricing, the CT-X lineup starts off at RM 1,280 with the X700 and RM 1,580. The CT-X3000 will be priced at RM 1,880 and CT-X5000 at RM 2,880. You can check out our previous article by clicking here on what does each keyboard feature and so on.

Huge thanks to Casio Malaysia for having us and the opportunity to take a closer look at these new lineup. 🙂