Most of us listen songs all the time. One of the things that became popular over time is when we listen to a particular song, we screenshot it and update in our Instagram. Just like everyone, I’ve been doing the same thing on my Insta Story. Well, Spotify noticed this and they released a new update where you don’t have to do post screenshots but instead share it right from your Instagram to your Instastory.

Sharing Spotify Moments on Insta Story

If you’re listening to a song on your Spotify (or not), you can now post it on your Instagram Stories or even send it to a friend  via Instagram Direct. The steps are pretty simple. Open up your favorite music, tap the option button, tap share and then you’ll see the Instagram Stories. It’s as simple as that.

You can check out the simple video we’ve made on our Spotify where we share our music with my bunch of friend. It’s very simple.

Once you’re done with that – it will then unlock a custom cover art sticker for every song, album, playlist, or artist on Spotify. Now you might be wondering – can I still add decorations to that particular story? – Guess what – You actually can. You can add Stickers and captions before you add it to your story.

It doesn’t just end there. Now that Spotify is seamlessly integrated with Instagram, your friends checking out your story will see a button, “Play on Spotify”. Now, taping this will bring your friend straight to their Spotify app or signup right away.

When is it Rolling out?

Look out for the Instagram Stories option in the “Share” menu on the Spotify Mobile app as time comes by. It will be available on both iOS and Android. What are you waiting for, time to hit that share button and let your friends know what you’ve been listening to!