• Surprisingly Good Sound Quality
  • Minimalist Design and Build
  • Charges via Micro USB
  • Reasonably Priced True Wireless Earbuds


  • Lacks AptX Support

Final Verdict

The Sudio Niva is the company's first approach in making a true wireless earbuds. And for their first attempt in jumping into the True Wireless Earbuds bandwagon, it is surprisingly good and for RM 425, we give it a huge thumbs up.

Ever since the headphone jack was eliminated from most of the smartphones, the rise of true wireless earbuds became a thing. Starting with Apple’s very own Airpods, which was like a benchmark for being the best true wireless earbuds. Now other companies started emphasizing on Sound Quality, portability and better connectivity. Earlier this year, Sudio – a company based in Sweden jumped onto the True wireless earbuds bandwagon. It’s called the Sudio Nivå. Pronounced Ni-vu-ye.

We’ve covered Sudio Products before – like the Vasa Blå – click here, if you want to read about that. Now, I have been using the Sudio Nivå as my personal wireless earbuds for a while now. It sure does have so many things going on but is it for good or bad? Time to find out in this complete review.


Just like their Sudio Vasa Bla, you get one of the nicest unboxing experience possible. This time it comes in this Cuboid shaped box that has the contents on the back of the box. Opening up gives you the access to the earphones and below that, you’ll find the different size eartips, a Micro USB Charging cable and the Manual. You can watch the unboxing video above.

Design & Finish


For a company that makes audio products, they really emphasize on offering the most minimalistic looking product possible. I am personally a huge fan of their designs. It has a beautiful yet an understated look that screams perfection and finesse. We went for the white color. Don’t worry they have a black color Nivå as well.

The case doubles as a storage and charger for the buds. On the outside, it has the Nivå logo up top. At the sides, the brown cord lets you hang at a very convenient place. On the front, you’ll notice it has the battery LED and on the back, it has a Micro USB port. Very simple and straight forward.

It has a magnetic lid that lets you open it up with one hand just like that. The earbuds has a very interesting design going on. With the white color, you’ll see it has rose gold accents, an LED indicator, the Sudio branding. Once you flip it over, you’ll see the L and R marking with the 2-pin connector to charge up the earbuds. That is all.

The way it fits into the ear is kind of different. Usually, true wireless earbuds tend to have a rubber fin tip to make sure to holds in place. But the Nivå doesn’t have any of those and yet sits nice and snug in the ears which I love about it. Even after prolong use, I didn’t have any sort of pain or discomfort. It barely fell from my ears and overall, I think Sudio just nailed it.

The finishing of the Nivå is pretty great. Only thing is that, they could have gone for a matte soft touch finish for the case, which would have been nice. If you are getting the white, it’s really amazing but take care of it because it’s prone to getting dirty quickly.

Now if you are wondering how the Sudio Nivå looks like in Black, well – you’re lucky because our friend from Nasi Lemak Tech got the chance to check the black color out. Thanks for the picture! So, if you want to take a closer look at that, click here to check it out!

Sound Quality

Possibly one of the most important aspect of an Audio peripheral. The sound quality. These earbuds feature a 6.2mm dynamic speaker driver. It has a sensitivity of 105 Db SPL @ 1 kHz and an impedance of 32 Ohm @ 1kHz.

I listened to a bunch of songs to test the audio quality. To make sure that our tests doesn’t have any sort of variable, our device’s EQ Sound Profile is set to normal and there’s no enhancement going on. I tried 5 different songs in from two different source – Apple Music (for Streaming) and Local Storage (.m4a format). These are the five songs we tried during our test.

Kaskade’s Fun. Madonna’s Revolver. Justin Timberlake’s Amnesia. Janelle Monae’s Make Me Feel. Daft Punk’s Adagio for Tron.

Here’s what we picked up from the listening experience. The Nivå has an amazing sound stage. It has the potential to give a wired listening experience. The vocals and certain sound of the instrument actually moved from the Left to Right channel and vice versa. On top of that, the earphones surprisingly maintained the spatial cues really well.

Although I am a huge audiophile, I love songs that has really great bass. Usually it’s quite hard to come across a Bluetooth earphone that gives you the “oomph!”. With the Nivå, the bass response is amazing. It didn’t suppress the vocals or the instrument almost every single time – which I loved it.

Kudos to Sudio for opting in for a good driver that produces great sound stage.

Day-to-Day Experience


The Sudio Nivå is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, which consumes low power. The gold accents on the earbuds isn’t just for aesthetics. That’s the button to turn these earbuds on. What’s best is the fact that both the earbuds feature a button of its own to turn it on. It feels a bit futuristic. The moment you power it up, you’ll hear the earbud say this:

“Power On.”

“Device Connected. Right Channel. Left Channel.”

“Second Device Connected.”

What it does is that the moment it turned on, both the earpiece pairs together, identifies the channel and syncs together. After that, it connects to the device that we paired with. Honestly, I am impressed with Sudio’s very first attempt.

Battery Life

The case has a 500 mAh battery – which is huge and each earpiece has a 55 mAh battery. I listen to music almost most of the time because I travel a lot, be it Public Transport and so on. The earbuds allow me to listen to my favorite jam for 3 hours under non-stop usage. When the battery is low, the earbuds actually says, “Battery Low. Please charge.”.

All I have to do is pop it into the case and voila, it’s charging. I was able to use the Nivå for 2 and a half days straight without even charging it for once. Personally, I think the battery is sufficient and more than enough.


If it was a standalone earbud, it would have gone missing in no time – considering the fact that it’s pretty small. But good thing is that the inclusion of a storage case that doubles as a charging case is the definitely the way to go. It does protect the earbuds no doubt. But the case on the other hand, not so much. So, I had to use a protective pouch to store the Sudio Nivå without getting a single scratch on it.

Get a simple pouch to protect the case as well.

Different Ear Tips

The earbuds are equipped with a Medium tip attached to it. Worry not, Sudio has included two other sizes – Small and Large for those who’d want a precise fit.


We know Sudio makes many kinds of Bluetooth Wireless earphones – Vasa Bla, Tre and Regent. These are their best in class headphones, especially when you look at their price tag. A lot of the manufacturers took so many tries to make it right. But Sudio’s first attempt in making true Wireless earbuds, Nivå is very surprising in a really great way. The sound quality is amazing, the design and build quality is decent and not to forget the battery life that’s super long.

All I can say is that I am convinced with the Sudio Nivå. The only thing missing is the support for AptX. Other than that, for RM 425, we strongly recommend Sudio Nivå to our readers and for everyone who’s out there looking for a true wireless earbud. In fact, we are giving this product a Vesper Choice Award for its great offering at an amazing price tag.

For All my Readers

Do you really think this was the end of the review? Well, no. Our friends over at Sudio decided to give you guys (yes! You guys who are reading our content) a 15% discount of the original price tag. You can choose which ever color you want for RM 361.25! That’s like RM 63.75 off from the original price tag. What’s amazing is that the shipping is ridiculously fast. It took us 3-4 days to receive ours. That’s really fast to be honest.

Here’s what you’ll have to do.

When you pick up your own pair of Sudio Nivå or any Sudio Products, use the discount code “TAVESPER2018” for 15% off on any of your purchase.

On top of that – In conjunction to Hari Raya, if you were to purchase anytime between 1st – 17th June, SUDIO Sweden will include a FREE Gift Box, FREE Sudio Eco-friendly Tote Bag and FREE Delivery to Malaysia. So, what are you waiting for then. Head over to Sudio.com.

Huge thanks to our friends over at Sudio for making this review possible!

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