Expedia, one of the world’s leading full-service online travel brands has unveiled a feature that would make you or anyone who loves traveling happier. They have unveiled a feature called “Add On Advantage”. If you are someone who looks for value and convenience, then this is for you.

What is Add On Advantage?

Add On Advantage is Expedia’s new feature that’s being added on their sites and mobile app where you’d get the flexibility to book a flight or a package first at the preferred price, before you add a hotel booking to your list. The advantage here is this – you get to book your preferred hotels for rates up to 58 percent off till the day of departure.

Here’s a step by step overview on how the whole thing works.

First, visit Expedia.com.my or use the Expedia App on your Android or iOS powered smartphone. Look for the flight or a package that you want or like.

Second, Secure the flight. Once you do the booking, the hotel discounts will be unlocked with Expedia’s Add On Advantage.

Third, this gives you the breathing space to book a hotel rather than rushing through the same day after booking your flight. You can book unlimited number of hotel rooms to any destinations. But take note, this Add On Advantage will only work until the day of travelling.

Fourth, Take your sweet time to book the right rooms and hotels until the date of your flight to unlock savings up to 58% off with their Add on Advantage.

Why Add On Advantage Exist?

Expedia designed this particular feature for those who meet the needs of a modern traveler, who wants value, convenience and flexibility. According to their recent survey, where they conducted with 500 Malaysians aged above 18 and above back in August 2018 revealed some interesting numbers. 84 percent of Malaysian Travelers agreed that spending time and planning helped them get a good deal.

There’s more to it, almost 52% of Malaysians agreed that they’d spend more than 5 hours in planning their vacation. Another thing is, Malaysian’s are cost-conscious travelers. 72% responded that they would purchase a holiday from personal savings and so on.

So, convinced? Well, if you are not – it’s time for you to visit expedia.com.my/addonadvantage to see it with your own eyes. 😊