Just earlier, Samsung announced their new Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in the heart of New York. Thanks to Samsung Malaysia, we were invited over to take a closer look at the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and the Note10+ with our very own eyes. Here’s what we feel so far about the device.

Quick Look

A Leap in Design


The first thing that we notice is that how it resembles from its predecessor – like the Note9 and Note8 (which is our personal daily driver). The Note10 took a leap of faith here and went further by making the design different. On the front, there is very little room for bezels – making the Note10 one of the very few phones in the market to have literally have so much display. On the top of the display, is where the Front Facing camera is present – smack right in the middle like a bindi on a forehead. The display does go around the camera without a doubt which we have seen with the S10 series but the fact that it’s in the middle makes it a bit more obvious and made me feel like having the extra bezel would have been nice or if it was positioned like the S10, tucked to the side, that would have been nice too.

Another thing – gone are those days where the rear facing camera used to be in the middle – which now has been moved to the side. The Note10 comes with a Triple Camera whereas the Note10+ comes with a Quad camera instead, although in person it looks like it’s just three cameras.

The moment you lay your eyes at the bottom part – you will realize the Samsung Galaxy Note10 loses the Headphone Jack. Now – as for someone who is fondly in love with the Note series because of its capability to push boundaries, the lack of headphone jack does put me in a tough place. Good thing is that – you can now use a USB-C Wired Headphone but personally, the world is still not ready to lose that 3.5mm goodness. Wireless is the only option you have right here. We also have the S Pen which is tucked away at the right side (the phone is flipped upside down).

On the sides, we notice that the right side of the display do not have any buttons whereas on the left side, we see it has the volume rocker and the power button. Samsung has removed the Bixby Button entirely. As someone who is a leftie, I personally find it so convenient as my left thumb rests on the power button just nice.

Colors and Finish

We see Samsung is obsessed with the Prism finish which we saw in the S10 Series and the Note10 is called the Aura Finish. The colors stand out beautifully and personally – I am a huge fan of the Aura Pink and Aura Glow. The Aura Pink has a subtle pastel like finish which is nice to the eye and does have a much shiny glimmering effect going on but the Aura Glow – ho ho ho – that is something else. As you tilt it in different angle, it gives a ray of colors that just shines gloriously.

The overall feel in the hand is amazing and I really fell in love with it as I was playing with it – although, we didn’t have much time to explore the phone due to the packed area. But coming from a Note8 User, I have to say, the phone feels way ahead and puts even the Note8 and 9 a few steps back in terms of look. The S Pen is still a wonderful delight to use and there isn’t anything quite like it in the market. We do know that the phone now supports a whopping 40W Charging Capability – which is a shocker, but these are all the features we will be talking about when we get our hands on the review unit.

Pre Order One Now

Until then keep your eyes peeled here at us and do make sure to Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note10 or the Note10+, starting 8th till 18th of August as you will be entitled for goodies that’s worth RM1000+! Click here to read more details on the Pre-order.