• Simplistic Design
  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Battery Life is up to what Edifier claims
  • IPX5 Certification is a Godsend
  • The pricing is very competitive


  • Micro USB is a little dated for today's Standard
  • Takes a while to get used to the way to wear it in the ears

We have reviewed quite several audio products in the past and we would like to make more. With that said, its been a while since we looked at Edifier’s product – the first one we reviewed was the R1010BT Speakers, which you can click here to read. That said that brand has evolved into making a lot of interesting products for consumer. They too have ventured into the True Wireless Ecosystem and we got to check out their TWS5 and here’s what we feel about it.

Look and Feel


Right off the bat, the Edifier TWS5 has a remarkably simple design language and as someone who enjoys a minimalistic design overall, this is one of my favorites. The case has a matte like finish overall with the Edifier logo on top of the headphones case which is quite alright. On the bottom, the case has some CE markings and some script that isn’t going to bother you because of how light the text is printed on the bottom. At the back, you’ll notice the hinge with the Micro USB port for charging. A very simple case and as you open it up, the three dot indicator on the front goes off showing how much battery life you have and the earbuds have an indicator on them to show if its charging or not. The lid is held with magnets making it easier to hold it in place and so that it doesn’t open by accident and lose your earbuds.

The earbuds has a mixture of glossy and a matte like texture finish overall with the edifier logo, which I think looks like a wing – pretty cool though plus with an extra touch on the case to show where the Left and Right earpiece should go. Once you take it out of the cases, you’ll notice that it is a slightly bigger – but has a little bit of curved design to make it easier to sit in your ears.

It is constructed out of plastic and the build, it’s very decent. We got the hands on the black color TWS5 which I think looks understated. Overall, in terms of look and feel – it’s good.

Specification and Battery Life

The specification of the TWS5 is very decent because it does have features that goes hand in hand with today’s tech product that consumers will be pairing it with.

  • 6mm Dynamic Composite Bio-Diaphragm Driver
  • cVc Noise Reduction for Microphones
  • Bluetooth Profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Version with Qualcomm Aptx Support
  • IPX5 Certification (Splash proof)
  • 500mAh Battery

Edifier claims that the TWS5 comes with an 8 hours of battery life, with a case that holds 3 times more to charge – which totals up to 32 hours of playback time. Good thing is that, during my time using it – I was able to the same amount of battery life with no questions asked especially for someone who listens to a lot of music and heavily rely on my audio gear on a day-to-day basis. Just that charging with a MicroUSB felt quite dated as I did have to bring an extra cable just for the headphones on the move.

Listening Experience

I must address the way you have to put it in your ear because since its big, chances are some people will not have a good fit. During my time using it, I noticed the fit was good. As the driver sits right inside the canal and the ear tip grips into the ear. Since it’s splash proof, you do not have to worry about rain and I do workout, this was a good workout companion as it did not fall off in anyway. Pairing it is straightforward. Take it outside the case, tap and hold the left earpiece and it will say that the pairing mode has been initiated.

Now, the sound quality. The earbuds provide a good seal in order to maintain a good sound isolation and let you enjoy your music. These stereo driver does a great job in maintaining a balanced audio experience overall. The bass and treble are equally strong. If you are a bass head and want a little dynamic range to the music when you listen, it really does it well – when we listened to Amnesia by Justin Timberlake, the staging is really good with clear vocals and a deep bass that resonated well – every part of the music was distinctively clear. In EDM type songs like Solid by Slumberjack feat. TroyBoi, you can hear the beat move from the left to right which is nice. Certain songs like Aja Aja by TroyBoi has an echo like staging where you differentiate the beat and the vocals very well.

Honestly, I did not expect such a good audio experience from the TWS5 – turns out, its genuinely nice. One note is that, the bass response can be a little too much for people who don’t fancy it but you can tune it with your smartphone’s EQ settings, sadly – the TWS5 doesn’t come with a app of its own for such cool tweaking.

Note: If you are planning to stream music in normal quality on Spotify, you are going to hear a not-so-great quality. So, toggle it to High and listen to your music.


The touch control on the Edifier TWS5 is divided into two parts: Music Playback and Call.

For Music Playback, you tap once to pause and play. Double tap on the left earbud for previous track and Double tap on the right for the next track. Thank goodness there isn’t any of that triple tap or quadruple tap which is a nightmare. As for calls, tap once to accept-or-end a call and if you want to decline a call, just tap and hold.


With so many options out there, the Edifier TWS5 does pretty much what it says on the box and a little better. The sound quality is impressive – thanks to the Bio-diaphragm drivers and support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm Aptx. It has a decent battery life and an IPX5 Certification which is hard to come across for this asking price. Edifier TWS5 is a pure and simple True Wireless Earbuds that’s going to make a lot of consumers happy purchasing this.

Click here to purchase the Edifier TWS5 at the Official Store: Shopee Mall

Huge thanks to Edifier Malaysia for sending us the TWS5 for review and for making content like this happen.

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